Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0099 Monday 14 September 1981
Location Budhanilkantha road Hares Scholey and Shannon
Hashit Gathering dust Scribe Shannon Hashers 31

You probably suspected that this Hash would get a rave review didn’t you? Well you were right. A rave review was inevitable but, what was especially gratifying to the hares was the number of compliments on the run - so this review is actually based on something other than our own imagination. Actually we were a bit afraid of receiving some abuse for starting so late, but what can you do when it is 5.00 pm and you are lost in the middle of a maze of paddies trying to lay a Hash that makes sense and still get back to the start without giving the game away? Apparently the hounds were getting a bit restless too, as the Hashmaster’s horn bleated plaintively across the paddies telling us to get our buns back to the road. Once there, we were greeted by thirty-one happy Hashers - another good turnout - and the On-On signal was finally give by 5.20 pm.

The first check came almost immediately, just at the far side of a small aqueduct which allowed everyone to contemplate the desireability of slogging through the swamp or waiting until the trail was found on drier land. Cruikshank provided the entertainment during this intermission with his “non-balancing” act on the pipe that crossed the stream. “Whoops” - into the much and a candidate for the walking stick! The paper was finally found upon high ground, and the tribe went crashing off through the brush and swamp and finally coming back to the highway amongst a few houses and not-so-few locals cheering everyone on. The trail ran straight up the highway - to a check. The ever ambitious DK (who had already cut across from the first check to rejoin the. trail) carried on up the highway for some time while the real paper was found on a back check leading off to the west. For the first of not a few times he was left in the dust.

A fairly straightforward trail paralleled the road to the north for a ways and then led back to a highway at a check and another trail that Nedegard finally located way over to the east. This hare was too pooped to keep up with everything that happened at these checks, but some names that come to mind as being right out in front are Robinson, Gough, Millbank, and Frandsen. Names that come to mind as sucking hind tit at this point are the ever-popular Sutchman Zonneveld and Pagella who was spending his time trying to keep Shambo on our Hash and away from the village bitches. Heh Heh, Heh, the hares again managed to got DK off on a wild goose chase towards the Tibetan border at this check, much to the satisfaction of all.

An easy run on a wide trail led us to an attractive little mountain stream (I dare you to drink the water) - and a check. At this point Jerry W was apparently overcome with envy of DK’s venture towards Tibet, so he took off on one of his own, while the rest of the gang wandered downstream, with most everybody finally getting their footsies wet. Across a short stretch of paddies we finally reached a real river valley. Of course the trail on the other side was obvious, and with DK once again in the lead we clambered up the mountainside.

A series of cliffs, gorges and streams eventually ended at a check near a temple where we managed to completely lose Kedwell for the umpteenth time (and nearly Wolczanski in the bargain) as an abrupt backcheck turned the whole Hash ass-end first and those who were last were suddenly the leaders for the cross-country jog back towards the chariots A couple of short checks on the way didn’t fool anyone and no one even found the final check as DK, who had by now seen at least ten kilometres of countryside that the rest of us missed, suddenly materialized at the lead to show us the way to the beer.

Many participants were heard to say that this was a good run - especially since everybody finished at the same time. The hares say thank you for the kind words. Final plans were announced for the 100th Hash this Saturday as well as for the Hash bash that evening and the 101th next Monday. Good camaraderie — THEN DISASTER STRUCK - we ran out of beer! It looks like we may be victims of our own growing popularity - as the larger numbers of runners showing up have outstripped our beer resources: Ameliorating this situation is a top priority for our leadership!

WALKING STICK - to the mad Dutchman Zonneveld for coming in last as usual and for the crudity of urinating right on the trail in front of God, Krishna, Shiva, Allah, and all the rest Of US.... Hey, what do you suppose the locals think of such lack of manners!?
HASHIT Gathering dust in the HM’s back seat.

HERE IT IS FOLKS- HASH NUMBER ONE HUNDRED - Hashmasters Russell and Millbank doing their Hare Act. Let’s have a good turnout for this one this coming Saturday, 19 Sept, at 4:30 pm. See map below for location.

We should just have time for a few frosties after the run then a change for:
THE GREAT HUNDRETH HASH BASH — starting around 7.30 at the Summit Hotel in Kopundol, Patan. The modest sum of Rs. 70 will admit each person to the Buffet and Disco Dance, and Since no corkage is charge, we can all get knee-walkin, toilet huggin’, snot-flingin’ pissed on our own booze. Let’s really show everyone what a classy crowd we are. If at all possible try to get your money to Russell, Robinson, Millbank, Allen or Shannon before Thursday so we can pay for the damage in advance. All of your guests (paying) are welcome —-- Gate-crashers are most unwelcome and will be bounced out on their spotty little behinds!

Then, as we recover from Saturday night, don’t forget:::: HASH NUMBER 101 - Hares Zonneveld and Perrott - starting from the International Club. Immediately following the Hash we will grab a burger and something wet (not a dream) and will then move on to the House of Gough for some flicks. A change of clothes is totally optional. Absolutely no women will be allowed (with the possible exception of Gough’s bitch).

HASHES STARTING WITH NUMBER 102 - We need Hares, so start thinking about it.