Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No 1026 Saturday 14 November 1998
Location Lord Nelson's house, Bhaisepati
Hares Lord Nelson and Moby Dick
Hashit Moby Dick Scribe Rambo

An Autumn's Day Run in the Valley

It was bound to be a good run, set with British military precision, since Lord Admiral Nelson and his chief coxswain, Moby Dick, were at the helm. Seeing Lord Nelson mildly offer instructions in his clipped public school accent to the Pack at the run's outset, one could easily imagine him in his days of yore as a British RAF Captain. In fading photographs, one can see his admiralship with a bristling mustache and a riding crop tucked under his armpit, barking out a briefing to his airmen during Britain's "finest hour" in the battle for the skies with the Luftwaffe in 1940. Now, in his later years, it appears it is his "Significant Udder" who has the riding crop - and there we shall let such salacious matters drop. It was a brilliant autumn day for Hashing and the Pack was eager to be off. In Hashing lexicon, they do not call it a Pack (of hounds) for nothing, as a group of local hounds were to learn. The local dogs barked furiously as the Pack entered their turf but the Fox Fr. Bill showed them who was boss by chasing the dogs into a compound with savage "woofing." Dogs too will learn when they try to take on a Hasher! Moby likes the Pack's hounds to stretch their legs a bit when he sets a run and indeed we had a good long run under high, clear and crisp autumn skies. There was not much not to like about the run. It gave good view, plenty of hills, treacherous but dry rice bunds, stickers and thorns, shiggy, and all the other usual things in harm's way that masochistic Hashers enjoy. No one broke anything this time and we didn't even have to listen to Slow Drip or Half-Hash whine about their ankles. The only complaints about the run, really, were that it appears vixen bathing is now officially off-season (say it ain't so, bro!) and Moby Dick failed to include a beer hold in the run, even though we ran right past his abode! As indicated earlier, Half-Hash returned from Manila's thrillas, at least for the Circle and down-downs part of it all. He had Salma and his new bambino boy in tow, who at four months old weighs 7 kilos and looks like he could scrum in the Hong Kong Sevens. Half-Hash passed out nice Sumatra leaf-wrapped Tabacleras, which looked like they could be accepted in Bill's office, while Rambo's pencil-size cigarros that were passed out last week would never have passed muster with the First Mistress. Speaking of First Mates, Lord Nelson's lady Anita once again prepared fine noodle victuals that were enjoyed by the usual ravenous Circle. Hard-On tried to lead a Himalayan Hash that is sorely lacking in Hash ritual in a few Hash songs. Alas, the Circle appears to be more interested in hearing Hard-On talk about Orissa rice production than it is in having him lead songs. Nice try, Hard-On, see you next May-bring some more useless but interesting statistics with you. The Hashit went, for the first time in his squeaky-clean Hashing career, to Moby Dick, for his earlier mentioned high crime of no beer hold. Now is the time to Hash! Join us or be a nerd. ONON!