Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No 1052 Saturday 24 April 1999
Location Pepsi Factory Hares Roadrunner
Hashit Hard-On Scribe Rambo Hashers ?

Roadrunner's Airport Antics and Drip-Dry

The Hash was glad to see the return of Roadrunner, a stellar local hasher, one of Nepal,s own, who is willing to put up with the harebrained antics of the Hash. You know it was a funny Brit expat thing initially back in the pre-war Thirties and the Scribe is personally convinced that most of them were probably pink gin sucking poofters. But they invented a great concept to amuse bored and socially inept expats worldwide wherein one gets to make a complete ass of himself or herself at least once a week. Those locals who enjoy doing the same have heartily hashed with us and they are always welcome. The only prerequisite is half-a-mind and there is no shortage of half-wits here, regardless of nationality. Roadrunner selected, hmmm, let me think, now where was it, wait, wait, don,t tell me, it will come in a minute, oh yeah, the Pepsi Factory, as his run site, where Roadrunner has set every run in his Hare History, no deviation, every bloody, freaking run. But that's OK. We all like the airport location, where easily entertained hashers like us enjoy watching airplanes take-off and land. And we have the usual airline jokes. For example, PIA, 'Pray It Arrives'. But our favorite has to be those Bolshoi Ballet in the Sky Russky planes for hire as they wobble into Tribhuvan International. 'Watch it, watch it, yup, you just cleared that mountain over there for a safe landing!' Roadrunner's run involved several river crossings and some of us got our feet wet, perhaps forewarning the

wetness to come in the monsoon season, our favorite time of the year to hash. At the fourth check, an intrepid visiting Iron Horse checked uphill to the right while everyone else went left towards the airport, knowing very well that the runway was where Roadrunner wanted us to go. Roadrunner never leaves out the runway and we are waiting for the day when he actually lays paper on the runway itself, perfectly timed for a hash challenge dodge of the PIA plane as its tires screech onto the tarmac. This run marked the welcome return of Hard-On from scenic Orissa, although he was awarded the Hashit for unauthorized sales of cheap imported Orissa Hash T-shirts from south of the border. The Hash Cash may allow him to continue sales, although he may be charged an import tariff. Under the table offers to the Hash Cash will be considered since this is, after all, Nepal. The Circle wished Stuffed Pants a fond farewell but beckoned Tania, the revolutionary North Korean Liberation Army member, to continue hashing with our motley lot. An on-on-on was held at the Summit Hotel to bid yet another farewell, to the hash stalwart, Slow Drip. It looks like we will be ,'Drip-Dry' for a while but he promises to return in June and on a regular basis, so we haven't see the last of his ilk here. On On!

Postscipt by GM Rotter 19/7/01: an event not significant enough to be mentioned in the trash was Rotter's first run. The GM's hashing career has not subsequently become much more noteworthy.