Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No 1056 Saturday 22 May 1999
Location Second Bungamati Tree Hares Moby Dick and Rambo
Hashit Rotter Scribe Rambo Hashers ?

Desert Fox’s Oasis

Desert Fox likes water, perhaps because he didn’t see much of it in his days in the deserts of Somalia, the Empty Quarter and other places where there isn’t much else but sand, camels, sword-wielding bandits and the occasional dusky beauty. It was Desert Fox, not Peter Beard, who discovered Iman. The famous photos of the Somali model, who is now David Bowie’s wife, riding topless on a motorcycle in the desert were actually taken by Desert Fox in his more wicked days. But that’s another story…

Apart from water, Desert Fox likes the pipal trees out past Bungamati. The “second” pipal tree on the Champi road is a Desert Fox favorite and one of ours. Desert Fox always names his runs, this one was called “Mild Waters” and indeed, we did the invariable log crossing and then several wet feet stream crossings. Several of the hounds were proud to have delicately skipped the rocks or leapt across stream banks, thinking, “Hah, I have outfoxed the Desert Fox!” Nevertheless, the Hare nailed us all in the end as the stream crossings got wider and deeper, with no stepping stones, so everyone had the usual squeak of wet running shoes that besets us in the monsoon. After the stream crossings, we went uphill,

crossed the road and were treated to the beautiful sunset valley views to which we have grown accustomed as we traversed the slopes heading back to the pipal tree. A brilliant day, a brilliant hash, the Pack agreed. It is a sad wanker indeed, he who does not hash in the Himalaya. I would wager that if George Mallory himself would rise from his icy grave on Everest, he would wag a finger at the miserable lot in Kathmandu, and shout, “Why does one hash in the Himalaya?! Because it’s there!” We are with you George, you crazy bugger, you had the attitude, bro!

The Circle was conducted with the usual excess, uncouth coarseness, and obnoxious stylized proceedings. We made a lasting impression on the virgin hasher, Hazelnut, who will probably never hash with us again. OK, we are over-the-top and maybe not even funny but what the hell, an alter ego is a nice thing to have in a town like Kathmandu. During weekdays, we are mild mannered project slobs and on Saturdays, we shed our streetclothes and turn into “super butthole.” It truly is awesome. Let it all hang, baby, On On, and Get It On. This week’s hash will be hosted by Moby Dick, with a hare assist from Rambo, that is, unless Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and his 300 lb. Samoan lawyer call him for a golf date this Saturday at Gokarna. Rotter, don’t forget the Hashit and more hot snacks!