Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No 1060 Saturday 19 June 1999
Location The Satellite Station Hares The Fox
Hashit FITD Scribe The Fox Hashers ?

Hare Festival - The Fox Chasing the Fox

A hot, sunny afternoon brought out MOST OF THE GANG (Ashok? Sanjive & Prajagar? M.B.? Potts?)

As we approach the Summer Solstice we welcome Thorsten Berg back from Denmark via Bangladesh. He was as good at falling for back checks as ever. Moby Dick helped guide him in this. Pushy Galore avoided cows Doug had sent her way and managed to befriend one dog. Doug and the Desert Fox were decorated for bringing new cars to the run. One can drink out of a shoe but we didn't know what to do about the cars. The main cause of the better turnout was Stats and his Merry Men. Saila got to run well and used his Sherpa Senses to check properly. Gurmi was baby sitter for Ricky, Robby and Lhakpa who easily outran many in the pack. Stats is just back from Mainali. He wisely avoided the war zone father to the north-west.

The run was the usual mix of seven checks, mostly back checks. The hare broke personal tradition and even had a holding check. There were no serious offences on the loop which took the pack west along the south of the highway to check one, then north across the highway, through a ravine and up a slope to backcheck 2. Gurmi and Stats lead the pack onto paper and to check 3, a holding check overlooking another tempting gorge. FINGERINTHEDIKE started the "I'll never run again" talk but no one listened. Gurmi again lead the pack north and down, past a handy burning ghat which we fortunately didn't need and up through fields. Except for Saila, the Merry Men shortcut past checks 4 and 5. Pushy was smart enough to check back from 4, and UMN MIKE from check 5. The friendliest mut in the valley welcomed the pack to check 6 but no one was fooled. All turned north towards the dish antenna looming in the distance. Check 7 overlooked a damsels' bathing spot but by the time the pack arrived the ladies had all gone home so most people (SD take notice of this

line!!!) ran through and on to the beer they could now smell.

FINGERINTHEDIKE earned the hashit for various offences:

1. Overdoing the mismanagement and not getting FAX and e-mail notices to key runners.
2. Abandoning his younger son to "Sarah's birthday party" instead of insisting that Danny get some exercise. Stat's fine example should be noted. The on-on went well, thanks to the maker of popcorn.

The local kids were about to take over the circle when Pushy provided a facefull of beer for a little girl.


Our Religious Adviser alias The Fox made sure that the pack while circling for an hour the satellite dish in Thankot did not get bathed in an afternoon monsoon strike. Although promising snake area no snake was presented either alive or dead. This serious crime of not taking attention of the indigenous wildlife will bring down a bit the otherwise rather high marks given for this run. Because The Fox claimed to be The Hare at the same time, a philosophical problem remains unsolved. As we were all taught in school that the fox is running after the hare, The Fox must have been running during this Hash after himself. We wait for the answer. The pack had to learn another lesson: The Fox had told us that he likes water, he actually had meant holy water and not valley water, because we had to cross a couple of streams in the shortest possible way. Back at the parking lot the place had turned into an amphitheater with about 50 young spectators under 6 and about 50 above 16. There must have been a very effective population control between 1982 and 92. Anyone who is still looking for a good topic for his research study is invited to investigate this hypothesis.