Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No 1063 Saturday 10 July 1999
Location Nugent's old house, Godavari road Hares Desert Fox
Hashit ? Scribe FITD Hashers ?

The Fertility Run

Mugs, horn, hashit, booze and openers - all arrived in time on the spot but no Grand Master and then it all goes wrong. Little Finger in the Dyke bringing friend to the hash but playing football instead of running. RA Mega(dog)bite from the Geneva Hash visiting our Hash but our own Mebabyte nowhere. American visitors but no Stats to entertain his countrymen with baseball stats. Rotter refusing to take the Hashit for a third time. Slow Drip not coming and maybe already

back to Manilla without decent leavers down down. Of course, Desert Fox's run must have been good and at least a nine Km long but no one to write up the Hash Trash. 'The Fertility run' as he named this particular run, but the GM would highly appreciate it if Desert Fox could explain to him what his run had to do with 'fertility' since the GM is very sensitive on fertility issues in the neighbourhood of Nugent's old house.

No further info was available about the down downs.