Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No 1066 Saturday 31 July 1999
Location Dakshinkhali road Hares The Fox
Hashit Rotter Scribe The Fox, Pat and Alan Hashers 15

Part 1: The Fox

After waiting in vain for Torsten, fourteen runners ran through the usual start down to the Bagmati and check 1. We were happy that Don Clark was not hare or we would have crossed the Bagmati. MEGABYTE brought the number to fifteen, having woken late from his Hash Nightmares only to find them come true. ROADRUNNER found paper on every check and kept his shoes CLEAN. He flew over all the muddy spots. Check 2 brought us to Tauda Pond, with a back check taking us through a pig farm, across the Dakshin Kali Road, and west to the usual backcheck 3. Check 4 was not on the original plan but a landslide forced its addition. Check 5 was holding and from there the ROTTER kindly followed the false trail south across the stream while DONNA and TINA, under MEGABYTE'S guidance, short-cut north. The pack continued west to yet another backcheck and then negociated a muddy trail to a motor road heading east to check 6 and home.

We honoured visitors PIA-N-TINA, from Denmark and hope they will come again. It's Torsten's job to see that they do. We bit farewell to DONNA-N-MATT who almost came to blows over who would get the HASHIT. They thought they could take the trophy with them back to the University of Saskatchewan. ROTTER graciously saved the day by accepting the award on trumped-up charges of having crossed too many streams. PAT-N-ALAN flew in from Dhaka for the occasion and showed that their hashing skills are in good order. MARY-N-CHET returned from a wedding anniversary holiday in Pokhara in time to enjoy the mud. The anniversary will be commemorated in a future Circle. The DESERT FOX continued to show the youngsters how to run while APPLE continued is important work of watching for stragglers. FINGERINTHEDIKE did a PERFECT job of supplying booze, mugs, popcorn, soft drinks, the hash book and the horn. He mumbled something about rule 16 from 1950 but no one listened for many had not been born then (Yep, yep, yep, next run I will bring my DOG along to control the circle!!).

SUE LEPRY'S spirit blew the clouds off the Himalaya during the circle.

Part 2: The Pat & Alan Show

Well it was certainly laid on in style for the temporary Returnees, Patn'Allan, the TV TALK SHOW HOSTS, - transport by the GM, FINGER-IN-THE-DYKE, lovely sunny dry weather, Ganesh Himal appearing ethereally out of the monsoon clouds, and last but not least a classic great run by the RA THE FOX. Must admit we had been getting mightily confused by references in the e-mailed Trashes to all the 'Foxes', but all came as clear as mud when we realised Gerhard Ondrej had been given the Hash name of DESERT FOX following his escapades in the Australian outback (but why not Desert Rat? to help us confused ones?). (note from the GM: 'Desert Fox' is increasingly been seen as the 2nd FOX, though not as good as 'The Fox' in back check creations but watch out for his runs!! and thus his Hash Name shall not change). Once 13 Hashers had at last assembled at the viewpoint at the side of the road we set off down the track to the Bagmati, looking relatively clean and benign for a change, to the first of 7 (or 8 or 9?) checks - the Hare had lost count!. Could we be lured into attempting a wet crossing? While this was being debated the 14th Hasher caught up with the pack. But no! eventually paper was found scattered steeply back up through the paddies with THE FOX getting his revenge for the previous weeks cliff climbing. Like a gentleman he stayed at the back to assist the two young Danish lady Hash Virgins up the mini cliffs of the terraces shouting "Mind the crops!" to anyone within earshot. Then the trail wended its way back and forward, crossing the road, and gently in and out and up and down along the foothills of Champa Devi. The RA had set the trail on his bike so we figured it unlikely that we'd be heading up to Hattiban on this occasion. Sometimes the trail was along irrigation channels, sometimes down into stream valleys, sometimes through little hamlets with astonished occupants. It was so pretty with the houses festooned with streamers of bright red chillies that many of the pack were loath to run and preferred to admire the scenery (a good excuse). ROAD RUNNER was occasionally heard blowing the horn in the far distance urging the pack on but it wasn't until the holding check on a little knoll (what number was that?) that most of us clapped eyes on him again. Many false trails were explored by the front runners but of course it was ROAD RUNNER who found the real trail heading further up in the wrong direction still away from the road to the next inevitable back check. But from then on we were on easier wider gently downhill tracks where the only skill needed was dodging round the many muddy patches. The pack spread out with everyone taking their own speed back to the the vehicles and THE FOX guiding the back of the pack to the short cuts. All in all a great run. In the circle the Hare was congratulated for the good run in the usual way. Down Downs were awarded to the Virgins and their Returnee hosts and to the visiting TV TALK SHOW HOSTS back for a short escape trip from steaming Dhaka. ROAD RUNNER was punished for changing into smart clean clothes and shoes before the Circle. After much democratic Hash voting, DAVID POTTER was awarded the Hashit for volunteering his crimes of overrunning checks and going unnecessary stream crossings in overzealous searching for false trails. The evening was so pleasant and the views and company so stimulating that it was after 7pm before the last of the pack dragged themselves homewards. On! On!