Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No 1069 Saturday 21 August 1999
Location The Bridge to Nowhere, just west of the former "skinny bridge" to the west of Naikap on the Tribhuvan Rajpath Hares The Fox
Hashit Rotter Scribe The Fox Hashers 15

Question: What is the easiest thing in the world to do?

Ten runners and five faithful supporters came out to enjoy an afternoon of almost-mud-free running. ROADRUNNER was not to be seen -- a serious loss at the checks. Visitor LUKE and the ROTTER filled in well -- at great personal expense. The pack happily crossed the bridge and tried to cross the second bridge immediately, but got organized and climbed a little before an almost level run east to check one where most rested. APPPLE climbed up and found paper which took the pack up a little more and along the Naikap Village Ridge to check two. Most slid down the slippery brick road and ran through check three. No problem, for backcheck four evened the score -- except for FINGERINTHEDYKE who sent the backcheckers down onto a shortcut instead of up onto paper. He ran the paper but was able to shortcut to check 5. CHIP-N-MARY are to be commended for following orders and staying on paper, despite running behind FINGERINTHEDYKE. SWISS JOHN'S ghost was around for some runners missed the sharp right turn leading to a nasty loop to check 5. They found the check and ran paper backwards into the oncomers -- The combined momentum of the following collision scattered runners around the corn fields while the hare and CONDOM MAN II had a good rest at the check. THE DESERT FOX, who had hoped we would get higher on the

ridge, had sense enough to come back and lead the pack onto paper to check six. Visitor LUKE took the pack home past a new Vishnu temple and along the stream to the outgoing paper. Our SWISS ELECTRICIAN welcomed the pack back, and soon ANNA PEMA and JAMES escorted YUKO and THE TOURIST to the circle. The youngsters showed off decorations and practised setting hash paper before promising to bring their parents back. The pack commiserated with our visitor from DUTCH SHELL, DHAKA, on the competition's success on striking oil where Shell had given up.

THE FOX was given extra beer for his mis-communication with APPLE and FINGERINTHEDYKE at the backcheck. There would have been more complaints and perhaps a suitcase filed, but such mis-communication has happened before (Ask STATS), so the hare accepted the beer and kept quiet. Perhaps future hares should carry tape recorders.

ROTTER accepted the HASHIT only after ANNA PEMA demonstrated the proper setting of a backcheck and JAMES explained that one does not run back on paper coming up to a check. Winnie the Pooh would have been proud of that continuous loop.

Answer: Fool a hasher.