Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No 1072 Saturday 11 September 1999
Location The Verge Inn Leisure Club Hares Subodh and Roadrunner
Hashit ? Scribe The Fox, Desert Fox Hashers ?

The Chauni Marathon

Part 1: The Fox

The Old International Club! What memories! The same old pool many hashers have been thrown into -- The same old garden, scene of much elbow bending and drinking out of cowboy boots! Subodh graciously entertained the pack and provided great food.

The Hash badly needs a training manual for virgin hares. Now another hare is ruined, having learned the art of setting marathon hashes. Subodh rose to ROADRUNNER's challenge and was at the right place at the right time. Not so ROADRUNNER who, understandably, is not comfortable in the Back Hare position. Perhaps he should always set with a super-slow runner. That cost him the HASHIT for he abandoned poor APPLE and MEGABYTE who lost their way from check 6, ended up at the back gate of the Soaltee, lied to get into the grounds, visited the casino if not the bar, and finally arrived at the circle as dusk approached. Granted, the two wanderers are locals who know the Kathmandu geography and languages and who probably did not suffer much at the Soaltee (though the did seem to snub Subodh's hospitality); and granted that ROADRUNNER claims to have waited 20 minutes at check 6, still the harriers, whatever their state, are not to be abandoned to the whims of Kathmandu's stray dogs. One wonders how long ROADRUNNER would have waited had SWISS MISS been left behind.

A pack of 15 signed in. The two smartest members were detailed to remain at the chariots to guard the beer -- an important move given the number of St. Xavier's graduates who frequent the Verge Leisure Club. The other thirteen took the old familiar (though now paved) road west of the north gate, to check one. Luke found paper and eventually caught up to the FOX who had looped and come across paper but was moving quietly, not sure whether he was on in-coming our out-going paper. The paper took the pack straight across the ring road and west -- west -- west towards Ramkot and finally holding check 2. Slowly the pack gathered with APPLE outdoing himself in arriving at the check in position 7, right in the middle of the pack. He deserved the trip to the Soaltee. The FOX found paper going west (of course) to check 3. This was too close to a stream for the hares to pass

up so the FOX again found paper climbing the ridge south up to a Shiva Temple, temptingly close to the site of last Sunday's Necon Air crash. Would the hares go up? The FOX thought so but Luke wisely lead the pack east on the motor road to check 5, at the ususal left cutoff to the ring road. Check 6 was at the ring road but by then most could smell the beer so headed straight home.

This was a 70 minute run for the front runners -- a good workout.

Visitor David, from New Mexico, was happy to see the peaceful circle under FINGERINTHEDYKE's able control. David is a supporter of disarmament so was happy in the Zone of Peace. He might want to read the history of the 1846 Kot Massacre to obtain a more realistic view of Nepalese peace. CONDOM MAN II can do the research for him. It was great to have LORD NELSON and the FIRST MATE visit from Bangalore. We tempted them with a November hash weekend offer. The Grand Master sanctioned coming "reccy" trips by the DESERT FOX who is off to Doti to check hill running courses, and LAO LOVER who will spend time checking the country's irrigation canal running sites.

Again, we thank Subodh for the hospitality and Sudesna for the popcorn.

Part 2: Desert Fox:

From the western wedge with its international prices and local standards the paper led into rolling peasant country with green-yellowing rice fields and mixed water streams. 2 checks out of 5 (runners' opinion) or 6 (hares' opinion) were holding the pack together. The hares had done an excellent job keeping a burning sun away from the path. To do so they had to exceed the length of a regular hash towards a marathon's length. The pack did not deter and in the end marked the run high. At the final ritual the pack was bribed with hot food and paralizing music. His Lord Nelson with his First Maid from the Bangalore Castle greeted their former sub-ordinates and promised an extension in November. Hashing in the home area of the enlighted tourist and swissjohn must have been a shocking experience, because not even a beer-check could be found.