Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No 1075 Saturday 2 October 1999
Location First Bungamati Tree Hares Desert Fox
Hashit Rotter Scribe FITD Hashers ?

Green Pasture

The 'FIRST' Pipal tree above the ancient city of Bungamati and home of the 'Rato Machendranath' was Desert Fox's choice this time. With a pack of 9 faithfull hounds the run started for a few hundred meters on the tarmac of the Bungamati road before the paper led us to the left and along the usual shitty stone path down to the well run path along the irigation canal and the beginning of a two miles run to the first check. The length of the 1st quarter of of Desert Fox's run probably confused some of the front runners as the GM saw them off road and seemingly doing some checking in the middle of the paddy fields. 'This is NOT a check' Desert Fox shouted when he reached the scene and made them coming back to trail. Finally the 1st check, down to the Nakhu Khola, was reached and invited the pack to cross the river over ages old and rotten trees forming a bridge to the other side. Simon, remembering the GM's advice never to cross a river when a bridge is nearby, wisely balanced himself over the trees and a minute later to his suprise seeing the front checkers running down hill into him and pushing him back over the bridge again. Clearly no paper up there, the first sign of a cleverly set back check, forcing the pack to try

elsewhere. It needed a hint of the Hare or they would have been searching till dark before finding the continuation of the paper which was finally found leading upwards the hill right from the irrigation canal. A stiff climb up the slope, passing a Hamlett and a cropless field and check 2, brought the pack along a public washing place where the bathing girls assistingly talked the font runners towards their village and totally off the paper. That the only one at the front who could speak and understand Nepali was ROTTER was no coincidence at all. Desert Fox rescued the pack from their excursion in the Village when they saw him sending Simon to the lead on the right track. Another few miles where covered fast and ended at an easy check 4 at the Paathi along the main road and from where the paper led to the cars and the beers. The GM, recovering from a flu attack, probably did not mention check 3 whilst doing his best NOT to follow Simon who had previously caused the GM to run several miles to much.

The circle welcomed, Hasher Elsewhere, Condom man III on a visit in Nepal. The Hashit, in absence, was given to Rotter for his following the directions given by a pack of supposingly half naked girls.