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Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No.1176

4 August 2001

Hares: Rodent and Casper Location: Narayanthan, Buddhanilkanth

Hares Casper and Rodent - - - - - - - Kate Gets Her Hand On It

Attempts were made to gather on the ground chosen by the hare, but there was so much mud and shit that more pleasant climes were immediately sought. The staff at the adjacent Foot and Mouth Control Office obviously thought the hash a serious disease and refused their ground point blank. Eventually a nice place was found 400m up the road in the playground of Narayanthan school.

The hares predicted five checks with two holds. They added that some sections of the route might be 'difficult'. Not the first bit which led off west, the first check being reached almost immediately, and the second, holding one, within ten minutes. So everyone thought that this was going to be an easy trip and the mood became more relaxed and jovial than is normal at this point on a hash. Oh dear. Paper continued west and down to a river, which did not present much of a challenge as there had been no rain earlier in the day. On the other side came the first problem, at the point where it became apparent that the hares had decided to take the pack up a landslide. After the first few had managed to scramble and slide up the hares took pity on the rest and directed them on downriver. Meanwhile the climbers found the a sadistically positioned false trail 'X', quickly decided the route irreversible, and and had to race through and down rice fields to catch up. Check three was found by KRISHNA and MAD COW at a confluence of several rivers. The GM appointed SPARE PART as the Hash Splash successor to FITD, but he soon found that doing it with feet needs more effort than doing it with car tyres. Paper led west and up, finally coming back to the main Buddhanilkanth road. Great, thought the leaders, a nice gentle hill up the road and fall on the beer and momos.

But it was not to be. Paper headed east and then north, winding its way along the slope, either at the top, along the pathless crumbling edges of cornfields, the bottom, by narrow paths and drainage ditches, or between the two, up and down slippery slopes of grass mud, walls, and 'other' things. Finally the main road appeared again, and this time there was no diversion before the finish.

heir due for a well-set run of perfect length. MAD COW looked in his hat, found the number that is always there, and awarded a 9.8. We look forward to a new hat and a new score.

A crowd (what is the proper collective noun?) of virgins was welcomed: MICHAEL from Jhapa, SOREN from Carlsberg, HEATHER, COURTNEY, BRIAN, and JUN. They were not able to perform until SPARE PART had been given an emergency down-down for interupting with a reference to the leader of the free world. Then followed returnees CALVIN and WENDY and Hash Crashes 69, BRIAN, and somebody else. 69 came to the centre again, having had to be pulled up over the top of the landslide. He insisted the the puller-up, who happenend to be the GM, should join him. Next time I will let go. RODENT collected a few, one for parking on the school cricket pitch, a later one for missing his mouth with the beer. The tasty Miss KASSEL who had attached herself to a leach was celebrated, but the leach didn't stay on (see photo left). It was all a very low-key affair leading up to the climax of the award of the Hashit, for which Kate, who had been kept well away from taxis this week, had kindly made herself available. A final down-down was reserved for Durga and Martina after news leaked out that each week they have a shower BEFORE coming to the hash.