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Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No.1179

25 August 2001

Hares: MacPole and Sideways Location: Buddhanilkanth - Below the PMs House

Hash Name: Clear Waters (an indication of number of monsoon streams encountered)


Weather: a beautiful rain-free day. The morning had incredibly blue skies that reduced the muddiness from the last few days of almost continuous rain. During the run, numerous cumulonimbus clouds helped to control the sun's heat.

A pack of 34 arrived promptly and only Janusz encountered slight parking difficulty, although the 4x4's did chew up the field where the fees were collected. The GM's initial elation over the attendance of some beer drinkers turned to angst over the lack of beer provisions, and arrangements were planned to rectify the problem.

The GM tried valiantly to instruct the numerous virgins on the arcane vagaries of hash. Then the hares forewarned the pack that the trail after check 5 bifurcated with a more Hasho-masochistic oriented route to be directed by Sideways. First paper was pointed out at about 4:10p.m and off everyone went.

Check 1: The first false trail led the pack's speedsters past the Prime Minister's new house where the armed security perceived Maoists in shorts, but luckily without incident. After following a swift brook for a very short distance and crossing it, the trail rose gradually out of the valley through rice paddies, staying towards the north east and meeting up with a dirt road that ran through the scattered houses. The first check was just off the road. Mad Cow quickly ran up the road through a stream and found paper ending in an "X" and, by so doing, led most of the pack astray. Slow Drip, having incorrectly sensed the direction of the run, led the pack even further off course. The lead hare seemed to have lost his way and, up to now, had kept astride of these machinations, but swiftly sped off to catch up with the walkers who had wisely found the true paper. The running pack having sensed something being amiss decided to backtrack and with the help of the lead hare (now the back hare) found the trail.

Check 2 (Holding): The trail rose slowly following a small stream and through verdant rice paddies to a holding check on another dirt road. Because of the circumambulation at check 1, the pack was very tightly grouped. Casper and Slow Drip finally got their act together, guessed correctly, and promptly found paper on the upward going route. The trail passed through a small village with a fine pipal tree and numerous bystanders enjoying watching the HHHH spectacle.

Check 3 & 4 (Holding): The trail continued its way towards the Shivapuri summit for a short way, and then crossed a stream to the check. Once again the pack immediately took the correct path with Casper leading. The path continued its gradual climb to a small hillock and Check 4 with a fine but slightly obscured view of the valley to the South West. Unfortunately, the check was located near a foul stench and the walkers' (although kept in close formation by MacPole, now, the back hare) arrival was anticipated.

Check 5: Without many options for false trails, Casper quickly scampered up and through a barbed-wire fence to find the a level path. The valley vistas were stunning. One nasty little dog forced the paper to the back of a Tamang house, its vigorous barking indicated its desire for some pack flesh; luckily, its chain was strong and well-tethered.

Check 6: (only encountered on the long route) The runners quickly leaped past the rocks that marked the choice of the long or short route. These unknowing, yet intrepid, seekers of fitness were pleasantly surprised to encounter very level, packed sand paths, one area with a deeply gouged trail and views of Thana Danda. They ran up three valleys (only one with a stream washing their shoes), crossed a strong stream (Dhobi Khola) and, eventually, let the paper lead them through a saddle into the next valley. The check provided some challenge, but paper was quickly found and the pack, although quite scattered by this time, found a wide dirt road previously used by several hashes that after two kilometres of gradual decline led back towards the cars. Casper and Thorsten led the way with Krishna taking the occasional shortcut to pop in front. Several patches on the road had recently been repaired with soft sand; this was hoped to alleviate shin splints on the long descent.

Check 7 (Holding): The running pack met up with the short-cutting walkers just prior to Check 7. Alas, the check, which was set in the grass on the road, near a bridge but very difficult to identify, was missed by all! No loss. Most of the old hands were familiar with the route back and stayed on the road until a small path that crossed the Bhote Khola and followed a broad path through the rice fields pass Sher Deuba's abode to the cars.

The circle got under way after the arrival of Richard (as recorded in the opening photo) and Emily, 20 minutes late and from an entirely different direction to everyone else. The run was awarded 9.55 by Mad Cow's hat. The hares thought this showed an inability to appreciate the finer points of a great run. But after all the economic downturns in the last months the Mad one was just climbing on the bandwagon and had decided to devalue the Hash Score.

Virgins Genevieve and Ed were separated just long enough for them to get their initiation. They were followed by virgins Dorcha and Mikael. Then came returnees Dande and Slow Drip, followed by Craig, reported to be a visitor by Slow Drip. Clumsy behaviour in the circle coupled with the general un-believability of his supporter led the Hash to doubt his status. Finally, the circle welcomed newcomer John, a keen hasher, even after a typical afternoon with the HHHH.

Performance-related down-downs included MacPole for not bringing the Hashit with him (see above), Genevieve and Ed for sex in the circle, 69 for not crashing this week, Roadrunner and Marina for turning up late enough to avoid running, Spare Part, Jason and Jodi for something they did or didn't do, Craig and Slow Drip for deceiving the Hash, finally the GM because there was a spare mug of beer left.

On the way home Lao Lover drove his jeep into a ricefield and had to be craned out by the police the next morning, and MacPole did the same thing a few metres further on, but was able to get himself out.


Sideways and Rotter