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Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No.1187

20 October 01

Hares: Kate, Nils, and Ismene Location: South Side of the Chobar Hill

For some of today's participants it was one of these hashes where the actual run was nothing compared to the trial of getting to the start of it. The reason for this became clear later on.

The hares announced a run with several checks, the first of which was reached after a short climb through old cement factory workings. The GM found the onwards trail but was quickly passed by beings of a speedier order, i.e. Krishna and Casper, who continued along and then upwards to holding check 2 on the very top of the Chobar mound. From there the GM became lost and confused, even after a hare said 'that way'. The pack had disappeared, everything was ominously silent. Along came Nicolette, equally befuddled. Finally, the pair picked up paper leading along, back up through the main temple, down stone steps, and back up to a tree on a bluff put to frequent use as a check. At which point everybody was back together. The trail on led into fields amongst the small undulations south of Chobar. The GM again lost touch due to following a false trail with no proper end. He was not alone, for there was Krishna looking for paper on an adjacent knoll. The main pack was rejoined for a run in back up the hill to the cars with not a shard of paper sighted.

By the time everybody got back the attendance had increased by at least four. Missing the turning, Mad Cow and his scooterload had kept searching until he ran out of road at Pherping. Gurmi and Saila had also had problems which might be similar. There were heated attempts to blame these errors on the Hash Location message, but equally heated defence by those who had no navigation problems. However a small note of uncertainty did creep in when considering the direction to turn right 'by the temple'. Necks stretched round in vain to identify this object until Kate volunteered that she was referring to the one (part of the roof of which was just visible on the skyline) at the Chobar summit.

The Hares were awarded their due for an interesting run which made little inroad into the Hash's paper stock. Mad Cow, who had actually managed to do some of the course, gave it a nine point something. The GM was thankful for a dry and mudless (but not shitless) path which has probably helped to limit his medical bill following the drinking of a new shoe's worth. After his hare reward Nils was plied with as many more down-downs as mum would allow. Finally Kate got the Hashshit, inevitably, for that temple 'on the corner'.



Just off to the airport for UK and what do I see - the HASH SHIT!  Whoops . Too late to do anything about it now I'm afraid.  Many apologies, I'm not back until a week on Monday. Kate.