Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No.1194

8 December 01

Hares: Bengt and Grumblewald Location: Bajrabarahi Temple, Thechho

Martina Takes Aim

The hares have been speechless since the events of Saturday 6th December so it is left to the GM to set the record down, if not straight, or correct.

A pack of twenty who had gathered at the appointed time had increased to twenty-eight as OnOn was called. Then there was nearly a reduction back to the low twenties when Spare Part roared up just as the pack was crossing the road in front. The final count of starters was thirty but there were thirty-one finishers.

The hares had announced seven checks with two or three holds and the possibility of false trails with no crosses. Paper led off east and then turned right after a check into fields. Jodi copped a false one before the right path led on a loop back south and then steeply up one of the local knolls. Having been in hard training after their first Hash in Dhankuta at Dassain the running was made by Sushil and Kiran who went down to the bottom of the knoll only to find paper leading them up to check two back on the top in the centre of some old fort earthworks. Spare Part lay down on his ramparts while a search onwards was carried out. The GM finally found paper going down and then up the next knoll east with a check within its fort.

The trail came down to a check by a tree at the roadside where Slow Drip and Apple were discovered. They had fought their way slowly along the road from the cars and expressed determination not to return by an easier route.

Paper was eventually found out of this check, but Mad Cow, the GM, and Sideways took what proved eventually to be a correct different trail which met up with the rest in the middle of dry paddy fields. Another check or two and back up home. And there was participant number thirty-one, The Fox, who seemed to have done an inner circuit but still found a couple of checks. A better than average week for the Religious Advisor.

The hares were thanked for scattering paper around and Mad Cow awarded 9.6 for it being there and leading to interesting places, sometimes downhill. The circle welcomed back Spare Part, Tom, Slow Drip, Apple, and Cathy. Then followed down-downs to Martina and Gyurmi for sexy leatherware, and Clive for enjoying the leather. The circle is unable to say whether Martina was being 'lined up' by Spare Part, who she was facing, but anyway Crouching Wong Flying Beer upped her mug straight over the top to drench Slow Drip in a full-frontal Tuborg. The GM was appalled at this profligate waste of hash beer, but was immediately pacified when several in the circle offered Martina a reload at their own expense.

Remaining down-downs included Slow Drip for not running, Nicolette for leaving early for a concert of higher-brow music than offered by the hash chorale, Hari for hiding his toes in real shoes, and The Fox for out-latecoming the rest. The hashit went to Jedi, partly for not keeping a shoe clean, but mainly for sporting yet another pair of short pants. We'd all like to meet big sister.

Darkness fell across the land as the creatures of the hash slunk of into the shadows of the headache and dry mouth until next week.