Himalayan Christmas Mixed Hash Run No.1197

25 December 01

Hare: Rotter Location: Rotter's Roost, Nakhipot

A pack of twenty-eight gathered on Christmas morning whose mountain-backed beauty was only slightly less appreciated by the European continentals who had had their main celebration the previous evening.

The GM announced approximately six-ish possible checks perhaps, with paper and rivers between many, and also plenty of PROPERLY MARKED false trails.

The pack went north but then had to come back to pick up paper going down west to the main trail through Nakhipot village and down to the Nakhu Khola. All crossed the rickety bamboo bridge to check one successfully except Lao Lover's Lover (LLL) and the GM. See left hand photo below. The GM was last, and knew he had no chance of getting across with Mad Cow's hands ready to shake the ends of the bamboos on the other side.

The trail led on through scrub on the left bank of the river. The people who followed a false trail across the river and had to cross back can be seen in the right hand photo below. The final river crossing was on stones, except for Rani who was carried across by Kate.

A check or two in dry paddies east of the river and up to check six on a knoll with splendid views to the north. Sore language came from Slow Drip's lips as he discovered a couple of false trails. In fact, the pack never saw him again after the second one.

The trail led up into Dolahity and through the gates of the Grumblewald residence to holding check seven. This was on the far side of the garden where His High Objection had rigged up his rowing machine with the intention of meting out early punishments. But everybody had been good (except the only one who never got to the check) so the usual fall guys were strapped in. Mad Cow and the GM did half a digital kilometre in times of within a second of each other. Meanwhile, more intelligent hashers had taken up repose on an upper terrace:

Paper led on down past the cake-decorated residences of private hospital owners, soldiers, and central bankers. Then a left turn down to follow the ditch which once fed the pond in Patan. From the home arrow at the end of the ditch it was a short level run back to the Roost.

The circle thanked the hare for his efforts, and there was no protest after Mad Cow looked very hard inside his hat and found a 9.8. Mugs were given out to virgin Christina, the GM and LLL for avoiding the bridge, and Slow Drip for generally offensive behaviour. He was pushed a few metres beyond the circle before the song was started. Grumblewald had brought a bottle of Aquavit and insisted that the GM take it down-down. With this he managed to complete the physical destruction of the GM who is now writing with rower's back and hard-drinker's stomach. At least Grumble got a cup of his own medicine later. Attention was then turned to the providers of hash victuals. First, LLL got a down-down for putting icing sugar on her mince pies. She was accompanied by Kate, who hadn't. It didn't make much difference to the circle who put both variants away with equal greed. Then the GM handed out a mug of retribution to Nicollete, whose tasty (I have been told) apple pie was gobbled up before he could stick a thumb in it. Finally Durga was summoned from cooking check eight in the kitchen to get a mug for her chicken, spring rolls, and chips.

There was not much doubt at the end of the proceedings that the Christmas Santa Hashit and Slow Drip would gravitate to each other. The Drip protested that he had missed check seven because the GM had only announced six so he stopped looking. Odd that not one other member of the pack was similarly confused.