Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1202a

19 January 2002

Chefs de Table: Leah, Leyla, GM's Udder, Bakery Café

The one thousand two hundred and tooth Himalayan Mixed Hash Buffet (I definitely organised it as a run, honest - GM)) saw a record attendance. Word had got around that a tempting array of delicacies was to be on offer and so, soon after 4pm, after completing the pre-buffet run, a pack of more than 50 salivating hashers gathered around to begin the feast.

The hash buffet table was groaning with consumables from around the world. There was a strong middle-eastern flavour to today's menu with a delicious dish of homemade humus and an assortment of lovingly prepared (or was it purchased?) dips. The avocado and cheese ones were particularly well-received and had just the right amount of seasoning to highlight the delicate flavours and overcome the Thankot airs. Accompaniments of two kinds of rye crackers, and carrot and cucumber fingers were provided to scoop up the mouth-watering sauces.

Hot steaming momos made up the centre-piece of the Nepali culinary offering. However, it is sad to record the consequences of over-indulging in this particular local delicacy;  Spare Part came to grief yet again as he cut himself after over-enthusiastically reaching out to scoop up another momo. (I am prepared to publish the top half of the wanker in the left hand photo if there is sufficient demand from the Hash - or an extremely large transfer of cash by Spare Part into my account - GM) (by the way, I think we also have firm evidence of new shoes)

A selection of local beers and soft drinks were served along with the main repast and the only complaint was the absence of clotted cream to accompany the large dish of strawberries. Today's meal was very well received and awarded a score of 9.8.

Special Notice

13th Hash Weekend

The trusted mismanagement of the HHHH proposes a hash weekend in Chitwan from Friday evening 1 March to Sunday 3 March. The idea is to hire a bus to take us down to Chitwan, and then persuade another one to get us home. Let's discuss it at next Saturday's hash. Kate and Steve have offered to help the GM with the mismanagement. (They're experts, believe me. - GM) The key issues seem to be what time on the Friday should the bus leave, how many people will come, and how many people will come on the bus.


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