Himalayan Mixed Hash No.1204

2 February 2002

Hares: MacPole and Sideways (yet again)

Canucks Back To Normal

The old guard approached Toka with fond memories of many Stats instigated romps from the Mahakali Temple parking area. They were in for a pleasant surprise to see a film set being adjusted and lots of young women busy gyrating. The sound was good, but if you hear "FORM A #%^&* CIRCLE!" in the background of a song in the next Nepali movie you see, you'll know whom to blame. Finally the ladies got the runners off past the dancers and heading south down a hill and along a very runable jeep track until the trail split three ways, two eventually marked with X's. One remembers such marks as being reserved to false trails AFTER checks, not to lost Canucks. Anyway, the paper mucked around in wheat fields and somebody found Check 1. Paper started on a steep traverse and then wandered somewhere. By now the Fox had run through two X's and was even more confused than the hares. People found their way into a valley to the west and, from the viewpoint of the ridge, seemed not to care about paper any more. Finally Sideways got some onto paper and up a bit of a slope to holding Check 2, a few hundred meters from the chariots. Why did we waste all that time looping here and there? There were calls for a home run but the hares prevailed. Rotter was quickly on a false trail and should have stayed on it, but paper headed north along a ridge for a while, before turning west back into the valley to Check 3. Again we went north, with a little loop through the fields, and up a long slope on a good jeep track to back Check 4. People were not fooled but did not like the left turn which took them down to holding Check 5 at Sapana Tirtha Temple, an important place on the Nepalese New year. The broken dam is then repaired, so a pond is formed. Worshipers who wash in the water are freed from skin disease for the year, if they still have skin after the dip. A great overnight hash would be to join those pilgrims who start the evening before at Buddhanilkantha, climb to Bag Dwar, the source of the Bagmati River, and then summit Shivapuri. They then traverse the ridge west to the source of the Bishnumati before dropping to Sapana Tirtha. It's a great trip, but if you do it with the locals, the hangover will be painful.

Anyway, the pack paid there respects to Ganesh at the temple and then quickly found paper going AWAY from the cars! That took them, and even the official short cutters, to holding Check 6 at Chandreshwari Temple. The short cutters then took the main road home, while the masochists headed east into another valley, through Check 7 and looped up to the chariots just in time to wave good-bye to the dancers.

Last Saturday evening several hashers crashed the Australian reception to do some recruiting. They beat promises of attendance out of Anand and Sanjive (who have yet to show), and did their best to recruit runners. We'd hoped for a few dazed diplomats today, looking for something to smoke, but the only virgin was Frank Gorges, another of the Muck Up the Marsyandi gang. Frank held his own on the run. Returnees Bharat Adhikari and Gurmi Sherpa learned that it is important to keep one's name "on the list." Slow Drip has learned this lesson and flew all the way from Manila to maintain his Hash Status. Such dedication! We welcomed newcomer James Belsey who managed not to crash.

Pravin Vaidya and family came to the On-On and we look forward to seeing them on the trail in future. Sideways received a double down-down on his knees for HOARDING THE HASHIT! Where is he displaying it?

The Deserted Fox hat scored the run at 9.8 and it was worth every bit of that. The old guard was confused. There were plenty of short cuts so one could choose one's run. There was more than enough distance, even for Grumblewald who is sad these days, for we bid farewell to daughter Christina who is off to school again, to help her classmates find their way out of the tunnel of winter.

We offered condolences to Lao Lover, Kate, and the Three Mutts, who are soon to be evicted. Offers of accommodation are welcome.

Many thanks to Leyla and Durga for the usual great snacks.

Please get word to Rotter concerning the Hash Weekend, March 1-3 in Chitwan. Never has the weekend been so far away. It will be a great Friday run from Jawalakhel!

The Fox