Himalayan Mixed Hash No.1205

9 February 2002

Hares: Jodi and Zep



Hash Trek 2002

Now that we have our annual trek out of the way, the pack can concentrate on pool side hashing during the March Hash Weekend.

Forty harriers and one mutt gathered, fearfully and expectantly, at the start, armed with flash lights, extra clothing, water, and perhaps a few tents and sleeping bags. Porters whisked the extra goods off to some unknown destination. Anything could happen today.

The run started normally, taking the pack back down the road, past the front of the Iskon temple, and along the back of the Buddhanilkanth School property. After Check 1, paper continued east while short cutters started the steep climb. Paper turned north to Check 2, and then continued up and up, to holding Check 3 on an open slope with great views of the valley. As the last of the short cutters gasped up the hill, the pack checked together on the only trail we'd not been on, and were soon again climbing and then traversing west on the ridge, finally scrambling through brush and hopping from rock to rock in order to cross the Vishnumati River and stop at holding Check 4. There Keeled almost got himself Over with rock climbing and so was properly punished later. No one was in the mood for a dip in the river, so on we went, with more traversing, to Check 5, certainly the work of the geometry teacher among the hares. Short cutters headed down, and the less wise up, through more pine forest, then down a spur, and finally to Shivapuri Heights Cottage, a perfect get-away perched on 10 ropanis of terraced land, and just above the chariots. Steve and Niru welcomed us and, perhaps unwisely, reminded us that we could rent the place. They have never been to a hash party. However the more law abiding among us would be welcome.

The Grand Master managed to get a longish circle organized and rewarded the hares for a most original run, rating a 9.9 Deserted Fox score, using trails(?) we've never seen and hope to not see again. We welcomed virgins Rebecca, Peggy and Sitara, and returnees Sanjiv, Scott and Tony Russell (top left, above) , a veteran of HHHH runs 2 through 120, back in the days of the Monday runs, boring without ladies present.

This was ideal Hash Crash territory, so Sideways, Jerry, Peter, and Jodi got awards for spectacular dives.

For a while the Hash Grammarians took over the circle, debating fine distinctions between needs and wants, and delving into the deeper levels of meaning to metaphors such as "He held his own." Perhaps further insights surfaced later in the evening.

Soon the wanking, dog fighting, and general circle etiquette was quite out of hand, so we gave the Hashit to the Grand Master and got on with the party.

Again, thanks to Steve and Niru for the hospitality, and Durga and the Hares for the snacks and food.

The Fox

You can contact Steve and Niru at: info@escape2nepal.com, or http://www.escape2nepal.com, or 412142 (Sitara Exports).