Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1207

23 February 2002

Hares: Towed, Bengt, and Ian Location Towed and Bengts places, Basispatti

We know of 26 people and one mutt with a proper sense of values - they were not put off by Maoist threats or army rifles, and got to the starting point walking, biking or jogging. The hares rewarded them with a Deserted Fox scored 9.9 run. Something must be done about the scoring. The Hat seems to have the jitters because of the winter Olympics scoring row. The run was to have been an A to B event, but we went to B first to deposit goodies. We finally got going south along the ridge and then down to Check 1 on a spur. Rotter picked up paper heading southwest, up an irrigation ditch, and then looping down to the northern approach to Khokana and Check 2. Again Rotter was quickly onto paper heading west to Check 3. Paper started left towards the river, but Rotter went straight and was soon on to it again, and off to holding Check 4 at the Shikali Bhairav temple, on a pretty bluff overlooking the Bagmati.

It was a good place to admire the fields of deep green wheat, with marijuana plants sprouting in the fields, and the yellow custard blossoms. On Asoj 5 (about September 21) there is a mela there - worth attending. Short-cutters drifted in from various directions, including Hurry Krishna and Keeled Over who short-cutted from Check 3. Again, Rotter found paper heading down to the river where the mutt disgraced herself by diving in. Rotter and Hurry Krishna ran through Check 5, leaving the Fox to find paper heading level and north, before climbing to holding Check 6 near Sano Khokana. Some crop bashers tried a short cut, while Bengt and Durga raced to the check. Paper headed north and level, and then looped up to Bengt's home and the beer.

We welcomed returnee Liv, in town from Oslo for only two weeks. She brings greetings from Thomas. Newcomers Guy and Oliver Townshend, and Kirstine Merrilees, received welcome down downs, while virgin Dipesh Shrestha showed up a lot of older runners with a great run. Co-host virgin Jivan Acharya received a couple of pints of beer while learning hash etiquette.

Now that the wanking season is over, it was tough for the Grand Master to find victims, but he did get early morning Hash Crasher Keeled Over and the various short cutters. He attempted to pin the Hashit on Liv who had biked to the run and had already received more than enough beer. Too bad. The mug could have produced a lot of free beer in Oslo. Soon the pack discovered that Rotter's shoes were newer, if not cleaner, than Liv's and that he was sporting a new Gorertex jacket, just purchased in Bangkok. That was enough to give him the Hashit. 69, upstaging his boss Allan, received this week's chivalry award for seeing TWO ladies home by bicycle. The one who had traveled furthest, Zeppelin, received a beer for her efforts.

Thanks to the hosts and hostesses from both families who provided the beer, the softs, and the super snacks. Next weeks runs will be in Chitwan.

There is still time to sign up with Rotter!!!!!

The Fox