Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1212

16 Mar 2002

Hares: Grumblewald and Danish Friend Location: Vicinity of the Second Bungamati Tree

The distinguishing features of today's run were a home arrow just before the advertised starting point, some strange variations on the standard Hash checkpoint semiotics, the lack of Rotter, and strange goings on in the circle. All of these things may not have been unrelated.

As the thirty hashers gathered the news spread that there was to be an acting GM as genetically modified (GM) Rotter was bedridden. His great efforts to get the HHHH website online had clearly been too much for him and he had decided to stay home and hash virtually. (It's wonderful!! - until it comes to the virtual beer . . . GM) The website had come into the public domain on late Friday (or was it Thursday) evening and a proper down-down inauguration for the person responsible for this historic achievement awaits at the next Hash.

For some strange reason the hares had shifted the starting point to a dusty and windswept spot 300m beyond the tree. The pack formed a triangle around a lamppost. There was some confusion as to who was acting as acting GM with Jedi and Keeled Over taking on the role at various times. In the end it was Towed who stepped forward to take the circle. After the hares had mumbled something about checks and climbing hills and wading across water the pack set off.

The run was quite a long one, heading first southwest down towards the Bagmati and then back eastwards past Slow Drip's place at Champi and then down to the Nakhu Khola. From there the trail went along the khola for a while and then up to Thechho before heading west back home. The run led hither and thither. A strange check symbol - with one separated circle on either side of the path - fooled Sideways and others at one of the early checks as he headed off down a very steep gradient in completely the wrong direction. After five minutes or so of fruitless exploring and enquiring, the hare put everyone out of their misery by pointing towards the cunning back-check. This did not seem to discourage Sideways from running in completely the wrong direction at most of the other holdings. This and the mushroom cloud shaped holding check symbol at the last check were rewarded in the traditional way at the end.

The run was awarded a well-deserved 9.85. Virgin Anne, guest European Union bureaucrat Andre Chalmin, a whole pack of returnees and hash crashing Courtney and Hurry Krishna were given their tankards of ale. Kate slurped up her absolutely last pre-leaving down-down - and was offered all the best of luck for going back to live in Bradford! Hurry was beckoned into the circle for failing to follow paper and leading a group of wary back-markers along a treacherous variation on the proper route. The Hashit was awarded to MB for his mobile phone going off in the circle.

Towed very ably took the circle but the sense of power overawed him towards the end as he led the circle in a participatory rendition of Father Abraham or some-such named ditty. The locals didn't quite know what to make of this variation on the hokey kokey. They better understood the social drinking and half-wit philosophising which brought matters to a close.


Keeled Over