Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1214

30 Mar 2002

Hares: Electric Suntan and Bijuwa Location: near Godavari Resort

It was the hash equivalent of aliens from Mars. There was the HHHH quietly assembling for this week's down-downs and anything that might come before, when a small white bus came past the pine trees and onto the grassy plateau just north-east of Electric Suntan's Hare Hideout. And out stepped the most exotic beings, collected by Ever Reddy on her travels around the universe, but mainly from the OTHER Delhi Hash, who call themselves Capital. A gaudy lot, if their lurid day-glo yellow shorts were anything to go by.

After the increasingly common phenomenon of the Hares not being able to remember how many checks they had laid the pack set off down west on meanly laid paper. To the general astonishment of the local hashers the aliens were observed walking forwards, and some of them even got both their legs off the ground at the same time. The trail went in a clockwise circle towards the pine-clad hills to the west. Paper was thin in places, leading the front runners up many invisible false trails, but when one of the hills got near there was no mistaking what the hares were about. From the temple at the top Towed, led by the Tow-er, led off homewards down and along wheat fields back to the start.

A few minutes after everybody had arrived Towed realised that he'd lost Peter, who has been filling-in as a son for the last twelve or so years. After running on to an adjoining hillock dad came to his senses and decided to run the paper backwards, where he was successful in retrieving the boy who was completely unconcerned at being well away from the rest of the pack. Well I suppose this can be understood.

So the circle was finally summoned and the Hares congratulated for a clever run which mainly followed the course of their last one, only backwards. There followed the usual rewards for misbehavior: Towed for failing to decrease the size of his family: Narpinder for asking for WATER when arriving back - these Delhi people don't realise that the clear mountain streams of the Valley serve to refresh the HHHH: Chicken One for being the most hash-accessoried hasher the GM has ever seen - all shipped in from Tokyo for the event: Bruni at least two times for unmentionable discretions.

Chris got the Hashit for being the last to see Peter before he became missing.

Then the proceedings took a turn for the worse as the Capital contingent elbowed in, led by ex-GM Honey Bunny and Bum Fluff, assisted now and then by current Capital GM, Colonel Bogey, who was immediately promoted to General Bogey. Day-glo yellow shorts having been declared the uniform of the afternoon, Honey Bunny started on the replacement of boring moderately-coloured ones. It had all been plotted as names were already embroidered on. With Honey Bunny as Master of Ceremonies the first to be depanted was General Bogey by "tous les soirs" (see photo below). Then fair maidens Ismene and Aisha were appointed to handle GM Rotter, and Hurry Krishna (who it was hoped, would be that bit more visible as live hare on the following day) .

The plethora of ex and current GMs was noticed and most of them were dragged into the circle to either honour their passing or, for the current masters, look forward to it:


Honey Bunny

Slow Hand Fast Feet (aka Ever Reddy)

King Arthur

Colonel Bogey

The haste to leave could not be described as indecent - for it only marked a change of venue to Ever Reddy's house where everyone who had had a shower beforehand was rewarded with great food and more drink and a midnight (Tokyo-time) paper chase into all the nooks and corners of ER's abode, a fine example of Lagankhel Wild Rococo.All washed down with the hosts champagne.