Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No.1217

20 April 2002

Hare: 69 Location: Champi Narayan Templei

Arthur was so excited about this run that he arrived an hour early, making up for the four late comers, who blamed their delays on a motor accident on the Ring Road and an overheated engine. Frantic cell phone calls assured the hare that at least some of the latecomers would find the pack. We were then off, that is the 16 of us and Ms. Mutt, after a few Grumblewald complaints, heading east and down to the Nakhu Khola, across the bridge, south along the east river bank, and then through ripening wheat fields to check 1. Hurry Krishna found paper climbing to the south edge of Chapagaon and then turning south along a good, level trail to check 2. Again Hurry Krishna found paper to the right, leading the pack on a short scamper to holding check 3, next to a stupa and on a bluff overlooking the Nakhu Khola valley. Paper was on the only trail down from the stupa, and wandered here and there before crossing the river and climbing to near Burunchuli and check 4. We climbed some more, turning north now, and then scrambled to the knife-edge ridge and holding check 5, where the walkie-talkies cheered us on. Paper took us north on a side road, and down to the west. We left the road and climbed down and up clay cliffs to holding check 6. A climb to more wheat fields, and then back to the road just south of Champi, got us home. This classic run merited a Deserted Fox score of 9 on the revised score spectrum. 69 more than did his duty; setting the run, driving the booze and the GM to the starting point, and coordinating the start by cell phone.

We again welcomed returnee . . . . . and settled several scores, concerning the aborted run last Thursday, wanking (even in warm weather!), the best hairdo in the valley (Ms. Cathy Custard Tart, alias Bead Head), escapes from last week's circle, and the over heated latecomers.

Ian's trip to Thailand allowed him to get new shoes. These he christened with beer, but has learned enough about hygiene to be sure he did not drink that beer. Peter thought there would be few down-down's because of the smaller pack. He forgot the GM's creativity, and paid the price.

By now the sky was darkening, thanks to an already set sun and a threatening storm, so the pack scattered. Was there a HASHIT award? No, Apple still has it from last week.


The Fox