Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1222

25 May 02

Live Hare: Keeled Over Location: Sisneri, beyond Lubhu

Minds muddled by too many years of imbibing Tamang-Rai-Limbu spirits, the Nakipot Duo headed off to Lama Tar early on a soggy Saturday afternoon, filled with misguided ideas about possible hash routes. They get full marks for trying their best to set a hash, getting the final holding check in place at Lakhure Bhanjyang, FAR above the parking lot.

As the world was preparing to celebrate the Buddha's Birthday, we praise the compassion of the rain gods, who opened the taps fully, and loosed a horde of hungry leeches on the Duo. Rotter returned bloodied, but Keeled Over was unscathed! Strange, considering that their blood's spirit content was about equal. At least the hares had the sense not to repeat that trek, so made last minute changes. More on that later.

Meanwhile the loyal harriers and Ms. Mutt parked at a fine, level, if muddy, area in front of an architectural wonder, matching Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters, at least with respect to the water. By the end of the afternoon, the pack had added some local colour to the edifice's decorations.

Hurried consultation resulted in Keeled Over being conscripted to set a live run. Matt timed the five minute lead and then off the pack went, the Fox immediately 180 degrees off course. The hare broke many paper laying rules (1. False trails anywhere, 2. No checks, 3. Ambiguously marked corners, 4. Paper leading in two directions at once), but, thankful for the more or less level course, no one complained. Ms. Mutt was in mutt heaven, with no one to tow, water everywhere, and the odd duck to chase. Paper started down the road and then up a slippery trail; yes, a false trail. The route continued down, past Sisneri High School and then turned left somewhere. At that point the Hare had a little swim after an unsuccessful attempt at jumping a stream. The hare survived and Rotter found paper on a little trail crossing fields. We were soon on a wider trail and heading full tilt towards Lubhu, luckily guessing at corners. Then paper turned sharply left (abrupt 90 degreee, by Towed measurement). All missed the turn because there was some false paper ahead on the main road. Merciful locals saved the day and the pack was soon slipping down to a stream and scrambling up onto a steep road heading back up the valley. Another false trail leading to a house fooled no one but the Fox, and the pack continued up the road a while, and then left onto the home trail, and back to the chariots from Sisneri School. A splinter group continued on the loop up to Elites School and on the chariots.

Certainly Keeled Over saved the day. The run was slated for a Desert Fox score of 2.0, but the super run, without mountains to climb and with no leeches, rated a score of 9.0. In honour of Buddha Jayanthi the Grand Master added 0.9 for good behaviour, so the score ended up at the usual 9.9.

We welcomed Wim Romp, a veteran hasher who needs a lot of down-down etiquette training and got a long first lesson today. Would that Fingerinthedyke were here to explain in Dutch. Wim thinks he can sort out Kathmandu's water supply problems in 8 weeks -- lots of luck, Wim!

It was good to have Lao Lover back with us, after travels to Lao Land and New Zealand. Condolences to Kate on the loss of her 94 year old mother. Kate was home in time to be with her. The Hash awards a posthumous down-down to Kate's mother for training her daughter to be a proper Hash family leader.

Our GM punished Mrs. Towed for interrupting the proceedings and then paid for his failure to keep his feet dry.

The pack approved the coming marriage of the pack's most eligible bachelor, and looks forward to meeting Mrs. Hurry Krishna at future runs.

Sock Sucker and Carrot Brains seem to have lead young Oliver astray, providing him free swimming lessons.

We thanked Forest Ranger Bishnu Dhungana, whose office we trashed.

Towed, Head Chopper, Lil, Ian, Linda and Guy suffered for various offences, ranging from photo taking skills to strange Norwegian weddings.

Bog Walker, with a little help from Turd Herder, received the Hashit and now has TWO trophies on display at the Yak and Yeti hotel. These would make a crowd-attracting lobby display, perhaps increasing the hotel's occupancy.

Many thanks to the Rotter's Roost and Towed Hall ladies and helpers, for super snacks and carrot cake.


The Fox