Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1229

13 July 02



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Above: spotted on the same plane to the UK as the Towed and Rotter families: Gurkha Kate's replacement Judith, who fell over a few days AFTER surviving Hash 1222. Or was it just a trick to get a seat in business class?

The GM never lets us down! Despite being on holiday and far away, he posted the last trash on the website, added a family picture, and even corrected the dyslectic writer's directions to this week's hash. Fortunately no one attempted a right turn into a Bungamati pig pen, though there was some confusion. Again, the GM's staff provided the usual goodies and transport.

A muttless group of 26 runners braved the hot sun and gathered in good time to register and get ready to run. The Fox called the pack together to hear Wendy remind him that the hares were yet to show up. We impatiently waited for a few minutes and found Rasmuss coming from the south. A few minutes later Grumblewald appeared from the west - a bad sign! We carefully listened to Grumblewald's commands and were then off east and down towards the Nakhu Khola. Check 1 hardly slowed the pack and soon Keeled Over, invigorated after a solo trek on the Annapurna Circuit, took the pack down to an irrigation ditch. We headed south and upstream along the ditch, crossed the Nakhu Khola on a log bridge, climbed to the next irrigation ditch, and turned left to backcheck 2. Again we were off south on that irrigation ditch. Again we went down and crossed the river. Again we went up the west slope to backcheck 3. Again the paper went south on an irrigation ditch. This time "kids'" (i.e.big Scandinavian kids') paper went back to the stream, while the real paper continued on. Again paper crossed the Nakhu Khola and climbed to holding backcheck 4. Even Ms. Mutt would have begun to see a pattern here. Hurry Krishna knew better than to continue that pattern, and lead the pack uphill west, back to the Bungamati-Champi road, and right to holding check 5. There, Grumblewald conscripted Apple to help Rasmuss handle the short-cutters, who wandered along the east side of the ridge and back to the chariots.

Meanwhile the hash's Nepalese yoga and dance team led the rest down to the west, and on down to Pharsidol on the banks of the Bagmati, and check 6. Paper went up the motor road and off left to backcheck 7. Many missed that but headed up on various trails to the chariots, arriving along with the short-cutters. Perfect timing!

Grumblewald and Rasmuss received accolades for the great run and especially for the split finish. We sadly bid farewell to Guy, Lynda and Oliver Townsend, off to Rotter-Towed country for a vacation. We again said good-bye to Akiro Natsui who promised to really leave this time. We also awarded him for his new shoes. He could not escaped this for we all saw the old ones disintegrate last week. We welcome Bengt back, only to send him off to Janakpur for a month.

Hash Crashers Oliver, Rasmuss (who disappeared down a cliff while setting) and Sideways got to drown their sorrows. There was again a Hash Horror food wasting violation. Calvin is now conscripted to put an end to this. We congratulated Martina the winner for a successful completion of her case, and Doma "Tibet Gal" for hash faithfulness.


Grumblewald and Rasmuss


Second Bungamati Tree












Grumblewald (see next week for details)


The Fox