Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1232

3 August 02

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The Details

The hares announced that the run had 5 checks of which most were holding; possibly some false trails and beware of the wildlife. It started off up the hill with returnee Duckbill breaking her lead within 50 metres of the off. Heaven knows who led us out as yours truly was recovering from three weeks at sea level with no running at all, unlike the GM who cheated by running every day when he was on leave. Anyway, me and Hurry Kwere happily plodding along when one of the Hare's Happy Hairy Hounds decided to take off into the nearest front yard to investigate at very close range the local canine wildlife. Much to the distress of the local goats! However we happily returned him to his rightful owner and continued to Check 1. We should have stayed where we were as this was a devious back check leading off up the hill and eventually to Holding Check 2 on top of a nearby hill. However, near the top of the climb, the hares had laid paper from the track just below the summit which the eagle eyed Hurry spotted and set off along.


Lao Lover and Lao Lover's Lover


Aru Bari





Man Gurung




Turd Herder



Towed Under

Head Chopper


Custard Tart









At the check Steve (soon to become Dogmeat) revealed that he had been laying his chest bare to the local canines in a valiant bid to save the rest of the pack from a rabid assault. Anyway, that was his explanation for the teeth marks around his left nipple. Also noted at this check was and absence of Hurry K. Soon he was noticed in the bushes off to the west and so when the hares cried 'check it out' the pack headed straight off in pursuit led by Tadpole and Duckbill dragging a protesting Towed behind. The leaders were soon caught by the GM and Jedi and eventually caught up with the relaxing Hurry at Holding Check 3. The main pack followed swiftly and eventually the walkers were spotted on the horizon. That was enough for a hare to call the pack to check it out and at least three of them scattered in all directions but the correct one. Eventually the trail was found and we enjoyed a beautiful run through the pine forest to the final holding check.
From here it was up through the villages to check 5 on top of the hill above the on-in site. It was on this section that the local wildlife made their most serious attack on the pack to date. A bloodcurdling scream was heard from Zeppelin (aka Tasty Calf) immediately followed by cries of "a leech, a leech!!". Expecting to have to grapple with a six inch slithering black, slimy, sucker Towed valiantly rushed to the rescue. Sure enough the terrified harriette had a beast gorging itself on her dainty ankle. Sadly the beast was so small that Towed could hardly see it (no comments about myopic old fools from the GM please) but managed to pluck it off and dispose of it humanely.
From Check 5 the run in was straightforward (if you can see the beer, go for it) and the pack trickled back on both in and out trails.
The Hares got a down-down, but no score. Apparently the Acting GM had excommunicated scoring in the GMs absence. Nonetheless there were calls for the usual 9.9. I know its always 9.9 but it's the way that you get there that counts. This week it was Run 1200 done backwards. Returnees Mad Biker, Rotter, Mrs Rotter, Tadpole, Head Chopper, Towed Under, Duckbill, Custard Tart (in absentia) and Towed were welcomed back (in shifts due to the paucity of hash mugs).
If the rest of this is all in the wrong order I apologise but I was only aware of the fact that I was writing this stuff after an inter-vehicle conversation on the ring road on the way home.
Virgins Seung from the States and Man Gurung from Nepal were introduced to the delights of the circle and ended up having three because flasher Hilary was unable to flash. There followed a discussion about the Danish drinking utensil introduced by Bengt to assist the Master with his drink problem. However, the demonstration by Grumblewald left no doubts as to how he stays sober on the drive home. (a footnote to this. The GM is clearly trying to develop a new technique that allows him to see the road whilst drinking, sorry, driving home. However waving the bottle out of the window of the Landie only succeeds in getting the stuff out of the top of it, and leaves the challenge of transit from bottle top to mouth for another day.)
Seung was then invited to explain why he was heard apologising on the hash. Even worse he was apologising to the Master. In the absence of a satisfactory explanation the ritual punishment was administered. Somewhere in all this, Bendy Toes and the Mad Biker received down-downs for being latecomers.
Dogmeat was then named for his attempts to relieve starvation in the local canine population and, on the subject of dogs, Towed remarked on the out of control mutts belonging to the Hares. They had clearly misheard the reports on Duckbill's adventures on Run 1225 and were chasing trucks (not to mention goats, cows, buffalos and motor bikes). Despite a perfect display of obedience by Duckbill to her master he was overruled when Lao Lover's lapdog (perhaps he's Lao!) was able to love him.
The Master received his usual down-down for being senile before Zeppelin was called to account by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to (incredibly small) Leeches. For some reason the Master chose this point to present a load of balls to Keeled Over. Unfortunately he couldn't tell the difference between Gobstoppers and the requested aniseed balls (just rub some fennel on 'em, Steve) which could have been the reason he got the senility down-down - can't remember and don't really care!
To the final award of the afternoon, the Hashit. Grumble tried to nominate Hurry K for not bringing Mrs Hurry K. He compounded this by proposing one down-down this week, increasing thereafter by one for every week Mrs Hurry failed to come to the Hash. The Master took pity on his trusty pourer and promptly made the award to Grumble.
Next weeks run - who knows? Sideways and Martina, I think, no doubt Up North again. Watch this website!
Thanks to the hares for a beautiful and not too testing return to the Hash for the Rotter and Towed Clans and to Mrs Rotter for continuing the excellent cuisine (except the orange stuff (jalpeno cheddar - GM) that even the Americans wouldn't eat!).