Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1235

24 August 02

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Matt and Casper


1st Bungamati Tree

















The Fox

The hares got the trails well drenched earlier in the day, and then at 1:00 P.M. picked up a little paper from Rotter and spent a couple of hours decorating the Bungamati area. They staggered into the circle a little after starting time, and sent the 46 runners and Duckbill off towards Kokhana village, where the locals had just celebrated their annual "fish the goat out of the pond" contest. Duckbill would have enjoyed that.
Paper soon went in two directions, not uncommon for the rest of the afternoon. The leaders splashed back and forth through some puddles for a while, before following the shortcutters to Bungamati Chowk where a huge flock of ducks mocked a securely leashed Duckbill at holding check 1. Paper headed south and then up to the motor road and check 2. We continued south on the road to holding check 3 at the second Bungamati Tree. Then came the REAL muck. Down we went towards the Nakhu Khola, through check 4. The front runners got to run a long clockwise loop while the rest headed straight for the river and a concrete shelter housing holding check 5 and many leeches.
Rotter then showed his creativity by heading down the left bank along paper, through a false trail sign, and again onto paper the hares had abandoned. He eventually sloshed his way back to the trail which headed back up to the Champi Narayan road, across it, and again up to check 6. Shortcutters took the road home while the more rapid runners followed Casper down to the west, and along an irrigation ditch, before dropping to a good trail which took them to Bungamati and home.
It was time to organize the circle when a quiet "Does anyone have a mug?" question was heard. Rotter tried to pin the "No Mugs" crime on Durga, but no one listened so Rotter eventually got the Hashit. Soon plastic water bottles were gathered and knives produced to cut out four mugs. We then continued with the afternoon's proceedings as rain threatened.
More teachers and students came to attempt to provide a little more literacy to the mob. Virgins Marcel and Richard, and Horror Virgins Shimsha and Abhimanya, survived their initiation rites. We bid a sad farewell to Bengt whom we'll see only in late October.
There were the usual Grumblewald complaints, this time over the scoring system. 8.8 won out considering the shape of the run.
A local lady easily took over from the G.M. and offered tea to anyone who would dare go home with her. There were no takers.
Rain and the promise of good food at the International Club got the pack moving quickly. Thanks to Mercedes for the evening, and to the usual kitchens and Doma for the snacks.