My Man 69

Right side up or upside down?
Down, down, down, down…

Nummer 69
You run as a blind
On trails you can't find

But then I'm totally inclined
To say you're much too kind
Really, my man, 69

One love that binds,
Another hash in line
Are you a happy Hashit 69?

Alles ist feine?
Ja oder nein?
Let it shine!
Big man 69

Summer of 69
You'll never leave my mind


MY MAN 69 is taken from the kindergarten collection of Tegmo & Nicholas. The poem is one of the first in a series of poems that later developed into the Nielsenverunterhistory school of poetry. "Sixty Nine" was written in 2002, a period described as the "early genius years" in the brilliant writership of these two poets.

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Editorial Notes

1. Alternatively, this was written by two drunks recovering in a public toilet who were, thankfully, never heard of again. Depends who you want to believe.

2. Before reading this poem it is essential that one dresses in baggy jeans, dons a baseball cap back to front and grows ones arms an additional 6 inches.