Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1238

14 September 2002

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Terraces near Towed Hall


Towed & Towed Under


Towed Hall















It's not usual for the Hare to write the trash, so let me say straight away that it was a brilliant run. Beautiful weather, lovely underfoot conditions, no ducks and LOADS OF SHIGGY. Given the comments of the in-absentia GM on last week's trash, I will be brief. (Nothing to do with the fact that no-one took any notes so I haven't a clue as to what happened.)

Without the Master to provide the records all I can say is that quite a lot of hashers foregathered at Towed Hall to be told by the Hares, once Keeled Over had established a rough circle, that there were 8 checks: 3, 4 and 7 were holding and that there was a bit of spare paper around as some old biddy had built a fence across the trail that had been recced first thing and the originally proposed route was no longer possible. On previous runs when the Hares have got things wrong this is normally picked up by the pack. However, because check 3 was so obscure nobody noticed that there were actually 9 checks with 4, 5 and 8 holding. No bugger went to them all anyway!

The trail was laid in flour and paper, mainly because the Hares had no paper when they first set out to lay the trail and, thanks to the benevolence of Handphun, a limited amount of paper was not obtained until late in the morning. River crossings were optional; there may have been some false trails which were clearly marked with an X. (rubbish, actually, as I checked one later and couldn't see a thing).

So, off we set down the terraces from Towed Hall into the Bagmati valley (worked out why its called Bagmati - mati means dead in Malay and bag is what there's millions of ergo: dead bag river!) and to check 1 at the bottom of the hill. Eventually, with some guidance from the Hare the trail was found and the pack staggered on from a variety of directions to back-check No 2. This fooled a few, Keeled Over, Hurry K and Guy being some. Further down the hill to obscure check 3 and then on to holding check 4 in the sand dunes by the river. Eventually the rest of the pack arrived and since there was only one way to go, the trail to check 5 up at the Shikali Bhairav Temple was quickly found along the river bank. On down along the river again to check No. 6 at a crossroads in the main trail. Most of the runners missed this check and carried straight on, missing the best bit of the run. From this check, the trail ran down to the river again, along the bank and then back up to the main trail, passing the bathing beauties (or Topless Totty as Keeled Over described them later) and to another of Towed's invisible checks (a result of trail blindness brought on by the aforementioned beauties?). By this time some of the runners were up in Khokana having been off paper for a mile or so.

Holding check 8 was attended by a surprising number of Harriers and, having been on the trail for 75 minutes, the Hares decided to head straight for home since there was still some way to go and those absent front runners were seen to have discovered paper on the in-trail. A lovely muddy climb followed on which, much to the surprise of the Hare, Fergie and PJ were found. Check 9, on a local pimple, was visited by few and was closely followed by the home arrow, which had used the last of the paper. However, the route back to Towed Hall was straightforward and all the pack were safely back before 2 hours were up.

So, on to the circle which was eventually called by look-alike Master, Keeled Over. Without the Master, the circle is a shambles. Without the Master and the RA, it's an even bigger shambles. (But with the Master it's an even bigger shambles still!)

The Hares were called to account, receiving a score and a degree of abuse. After that, virgins, welcome backs and newcomers were all invited to indulge in a ritual libation. Birthday boy Fergie was fêted in appropriate style. 69 was accused of crashing, as were Emily and Office Mate II. Head Chopper and Riley had been noticeably absent during the last two thirds of the run having taken the early route home, so were both offered a small non-alcoholic refreshment, which was promptly rejected and a proper down-down of ale demanded. There was only one leech lover this week, Dung Heap: a testimony to the deterrent powers of the Bagmati.

Ah, one thing, though, that I forget. Hurry K is clearly suffering the joys of married life and had to rush off before the circle commenced. Ahh, young love - cannot bear to be separated for more than a couple of hours (without getting hell when he gets home).

Next week's run was announced at Ever Ready's with threats of a route from one Durbar Square to another, but without notice of the comprehensive list of ageist instructions, traffic restrictions and dress code demands that would flow through the ether during the course of the week. The look alike Master was reminded about the Hashit but Casper got to keep it for the third week since he wasn't there and his Guv'nor, Ever Ready, had not been deputed to bring it along.

Finally, the piéce de resistance. When the cat's away, the mice will play. Grumble positively demanded a song and a reluctant Hilary and Towed obliged with the only song that they know - that ancient folk ditty, Father Abraham. Alternative songs were volunteered by the visitor from the Silicon Valley Hash, but after a brief preview, for Towed's ears only, were deemed unsuitable for the assembled company (as are most of the songs that Hilary knows). P'rhaps Bill Gates could write some software for his local hash 'cos the stuff that she knew was distinctly hardware!

Thanks to Circle Catering Inc: Mrs. Rotter, Ever Ready and Towed Under, despite the fact that the excellent spread was the cause of considerable Hash disrespect during the circle.