Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1239

21 September 2002

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The Virgins (NB Hat in the Circle)

Late Arrivals


Local  Dancing


The Hashit

Casper's Farewell


69 and Janet


Leyla's Lair




Andrew, Trish and Brian






The King, Janet, Michael M





It's not usual for the Master to write the trash, so let me say straight away, as look-alike Master, that it was a brilliant Circle. The run, however, was another matter entirely! Some 59 Hashers and Duckbill had foregathered on Ever Ready's front lawn by the appointed hour. 5 checks were announced, with 3 and 4 holding; the possibility of false trails without an X; the possibility of river crossings, etc., etc.

First priority was to get everyone across the ring road. Half the pack (the runners) turned left out of the front gate and the other half (the walkers) turned right. Shortly thereafter the runners, having finally realised that there was no paper in the direction that Grumblewald had led them off in, overtook the walkers and headed on to Check 1 and an obvious right turn towards the ring road that only Casper, Towed and Duckbill spotted. Soon this trio was out of sight and earshot from the rest of the pack, across the ring road and on to check 2 carefully concealed behind a motor cycle. This one was a back check that Casper didn't spot and he was not seen again for some considerable time. Sideways led the way to holding check 3 on a loop that brought the pack back in sight of check 2. Casper reappeared from completely the wrong direction and the Hare called check it out from the road above, around 50 metres beyond check 2.

From check 3 there was a long run out through the paddy/building sites/tuk-tuk repair yards over the Nakhu Kola and up the road towards Baisepati before swinging left off to holding check 4 below a small pine wood. A long wait ensued for the front runners while the rest of the pack caught up. Another long run-out followed back across the Nakhu Kola on the bridge below Rotter's house and into civilisation. Check 5 at a road junction fooled no-one and we all headed back towards the ring-road and what should have been an easy run home. Not so, however, as the Hares had entrusted care of the home arrow to a group of local kids who, they claimed, promptly relaid it to point the other way, scattering the pack far and wide through the streets of Man Bhawan.

Hashers slowly trickled back in to the On-in until all bar 5 were there. Since, by this stage, darkness was threatening to overtake affairs the circle was called to order by look-alike Master Towed.

Before the Hares could get their score from the run discussion, Jedi displayed unimaginable ignorance of hash procedure. She wanted to mark down the score because it was raining in the circle, but everyone knows that the weather is the responsibility of the RA, so she received the first down-down of the afternoon. The Hares were eventually awarded a 6.9 before being sent out to search for lost souls. Virgins Andrew and Brian were called in for their introductory ritual (third virgin Trish had to rush off early to cure her legs). Returnee Jonathan followed after the look-alike Master had restored some semblance of order with a little disciplinary action. No newcomers were found and control was soon lost again as the rain intensified, despite the Master's assurance that it was only a passing shower (NB - it's still raining as I write this on Sunday morning) and eventually the circle was moved into shelter. Notable conscientious objectors were Casper and Dung Heap who insisted on staying out in the rain. A first for the hash to have the circle held under shelter with electric lighting.

New shoes Andrew and Pinonce (sorry if its spelled wrong) bravely took their complement without any of the moaning and groaning that regular runners usually indulge in. The look-alike Master then called for incidents to be revealed but there were none. Turd Herder intervened with a demonstration of how Andrew was trying to keep his shoes clean. It looked like a cross between bog trotting and river dancing and since his wife is the Bog Trotter, Turd Herder was done for river dancing.

Casper received his farewell down-down, not to be his first of the night. Casper and Dung Heap were called into the dry for being wet ones before Grumblewald started grumbling which can only be stopped, usually temporarily, by filling his gullet with ale. Hilary received a down-down for something, but I can't remember what. Various disciplinary down-downs followed for private parties before the look-alike Master ran out of ideas and picked up the Hashit.

Before the Master could start, Ashok had to be reprimanded for knowing more than the Master and for pre-empting his castigation of Casper. The basics of the Hashit award were then explained to Casper - it's not awarded in perpetuity and you're supposed to bring it back the following week. This message was reinforced with a down-down for each week he failed to bring it back. The prestigious award was this week made to the Hares for losing four members of the British fraternity along with Erlinda and Handphun (award doubled for the partial failure with Handphun as she eventually found her way back). Also for having an away arrow instead of a home one.

Next week's run will be up north with Lao Lover as Hare.

The Master wanted to declare social drinking at this point but Casper insisted on singing a Swedish lullaby in farewell, then Harihar gave a traditional performance, possibly in honour of Indra Jatra: at which point Casper and Dung Heap started singing in the rain - cue Hilary. A performance between Casper (now anticipating his seventh down-down) and Hilary followed that Fred and Ginger (or Gene Kelly) would be proud of. At last, social drinking was allowed so everyone went home to don their punk attire for the festivities that were to follow later in the evening.

BUT EVEN THEN someone else had something to say. Returnee Jonathan issued a challenge to HHHH's claim to be the highest hash in the world. Now running with the Thimpu Hash he considers that, at an altitude of 2,400m, it now has claim to this title. We'll just have to move to Everest Base Camp or change our title to "Almost the Highest Hash in the World".

Well done to the Hares and to the catering crew, and Ever Reddy's forethought for providing a rain mitigating tent.