Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1244

26 October 2002

The Crowd

The Pictures

The Trash

The Details

The Hares (Do I have to drink this?)

The Jugged Hare

Virgins Galore

Returnee and New Comer

Belated Virgin with Beer Control

Crashers and Splashers

Fancy Dressers

Hashit being Contested

Hashit Retainee

Look-alike GM

Bhaisepati Housing Complex


Claire & Matt


Bhaisepatti Housing Complex




Judith (belated) and So Many

New Comers

Chong Chi Nai


Jurgen & ??


Mark & Judith


Jedi & Heather (Once again!)





After three weeks of utter mismanagement, the hash almost returned to its normal level of chaos. The Hares set a challenging hash, the first challenge being to find the on-in site. Hashers were plying everywhere around Bhaisepatti, the GM's truck, with Keeled Over in control, even made it as far as Towed Hall! Eventually, all located the site and 55 worthy folks (at least three in backpacks) and Duckbill set out at around 3:15 on a fine sunny afternoon. The Hares had announced 8 checks with an indeterminate number of holding checks, but quite a few; no river crossings and some false trails, all impeccably marked with an X. Later analysis revealed that the holding checks were 5(!) in number.

The pack was led down from the plateau, across the Bungamati Road and along the same trail that had led out to Check 4 on run 1239. However, we veered off back across the main road and into the 'parliamentarians' estate. Check 1 was in the middle of the older housing to the west of the estate and paper was quickly found by Towed, hashing in his own backyard, who then proceeded to get totally lost, prompted by the sight of Grumblewald coming towards him the wrong way down the trail. Holding Check 2 was quickly located by the rest of the pack and a brief respite taken whilst the shortcutters caught up. Tadpole and Jedi led the way straight on to paper from here with Towed, still knowing better than the Hares, leading Keeled Over, Heather and Hurry K through the paddy eventually to catch up at Check 3, which was check 1 from run 1238. Paper was eventually discovered leading up the hill and to Holding Check 4 (holding check 8 from run 1238), which was a back check down the hill again and over to the pig farm at Little Kokhana. This was where Sideways had his little misstep. From here the trail followed run 1238 (not that I'm trying to say the route was not original) down into the lower levels of the Bagmati valley and Holding Check 6 heading, as expected, towards Chobar. Since there was only one trail leading away from this check, the shortcutters having come in from a different direction from the running pack, it did not present too much of a challenge. Hurry K and Towed led the way but were soon overtaken by the masochistic Grumblewald enjoying the pain of the long uphill pull to the Check 7 at the Chowk.

From here the trail ran straight down toward the main Bungamati road, with Holding Check 8 on the tarmac in sight of, but considerably below the On-in site. The pack were soon safely returned, exhausted, to the beer after a well laid run that kept everyone together.

Someone (G?) was seen using their cellphone prior to the circle, but no one was brought to task.

The Fox, standing in as GM in the continued absence of Rotter, called the circle to order soon after, and we got down to the serious business of the day. With the mountains still lingering hazily above the city, the Hares were called in for a brief run discussion. A standard 9.9 was awarded and the general view of a good run was expressed. Newcomer, but 3-year resident of Kathmandu, Chong Chi Nai was welcomed, along with returnee once-a-year hasher (so the Look-alike Master said) Mark.

The Hash finally managed to exercise its conjugal rites with Judith, the belated Virgin, who had to disappear on her previous visit before consummation had been possible. Judith is a harriette who is clearly a natural Hasher, managing to take her down-down without letting go of her two bottles of San Miguel! Other Virgins were simply too many to mention and seemed to be mostly from the British Army (where I thought lack of such qualification was a pre-requisite for admission). There were some amazingly small virgins as well who did not drink their down-downs.

Hash crashers, Sideways, Mark, Dead Dog and a couple of others, were fêted before intelligent wanker, Sigge, was called to account for shortcutting. In my book, that's three separate offences, not one. However, the Look-alike Master is a forgiving soul.

Grumblewald then introduced two Danish leavers, Jurgen and friend who demonstrated an aptitude for synchronised drinking. Loud dressers Guy, Towed Under and Bill, along with Matt, for reasons unknown and Heather for wearing a sleeping bag were called to account before the Look-alike Master tried to close down affairs early. However questions had to be answered about the state of the mismanagement on run 1243. First, who was Martin? who stood in as GM. Detailed interrogation of Apple, as can only happen in a hash circle, revealed that it was none other than Turd Herder. Finally to the Hashit which last week's Look-alike Master forgot to award (and the holders forgot to bring). Although there was a serious case for award to Turd Herder for total mismanagement public opinion dictated that the present incumbents retained the award.

Thanks to the Hares for an excellent run and to Mrs Rotter for the catering. (Who brought the quickly devoured chocolate treat?).