Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1251

7 December 2002

Location TITI Thimi Virgins 2 humans and a dog
Hare The Fox Returnees Marina
Hashers 30-ish Leavers  
Hashit Grumblewald Latecomers 69,Marina, - and the Hare!
Trash Towed Trashflash Towed-bred

The Pictures

The Trash

Late returnee Marina

Latecoming 69 and Hare

Virgins, except dog


The way to next week's hash

Early arrivals were greeted by the sight of a solitary car belonging to Grumblewald parked at what should have been the On-In site. Grumble busily redirected everyone down what transpired to be the trail before they all realised their mistake and returned to set up a seriously confused On-In site. The Fox had been spotted at various times during the day - at 10.30 at Towed Hall to collect paper and sometime around 2 pm by Keeled Over, but was nowhere to be seen when it came to the start of the run. In the absence of the Master, Keeled Over nominated Towed to give the run briefing and this was duly done in the absence of the Hare. A full explanation of the run as far as it was known was provided - this extended to what was thought to be one holding check identified by Keeled on his travels.

As the pack set off The Fox was finally sighted and was able to conduct the walkers to the first check. However, when they caught up with the pack the Fox announced that this was Check 2 and it was a back check to Check 1! The full hash briefing was then provided by the Fox, announcing nine checks, with two and seven being holding checks. No-one fell for his insistence that the runners should head back for Check 1 and Hurry K was soon on paper heading through the paddy and down to the Manahara Khola. Check 3 was at the water's edge and the bravest of the pack headed straight across. After a few minutes Jedi and Jalak were off on the trail again, with the pack now well strung out and no sign of the walkers. Checks 4 and 5 were in the hinterland between Thimi and the airport and held the FRBs up long enough for the rest of the pack to catch up before running back down to Check 6 at the river. The return crossing was courtesy of an electric pole bridge and up the hill to Holding Check 7 was at what can only be described as a dust factory. It was here that The Fox was sighted for only the second time on the run to call check it out. Having searched for the usual Fox back check, I think Hurry K and I managed to miss Check 8 having found paper heading to Check 9. On the way there we managed to catch up with the walkers for the first time. Check 9 was at a village full of dogs - whilst searching for the trail I think Duckbill and I were surrounded by at least a dozen. From here it was a short and easy run to the on-in site.

Everyone seemed to get back pretty much together which may explain why the Hare was awarded a score of 20. Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that he was running his own run discussion. Keeled Over was then called in for something.

Virgins were three: 2 humans and Joshua, a new Hash Mutt. I apologise for not having names of the individuals but at least I can recall that we had gender balance. The virgin of male gender has been here for around five years but has only just found the time to come on the hash and the virgin of female gender is with the Peace Corps, soon to be heading for Dunche or Namche or Somewhereche, I think. Joshua has finally been deemed mature enough to run on the hash by Haydn, so that makes him different from the rest of us.

Next into the circle were returnees Mark, 69, Jedi and Haydn - basically anyone there who had not been on last week's runs as far as I could see, followed by The Fox and 69 for latecoming.

Apple received a down-down for having dry feet despite the fact that there had been two river crossings and I suspect was not the only one, but the kindly look-alike GM let the rest of them get away with it. Apple was probably complaining too much anyway. Mrs Hurry K was spotted as a late welcome back. Andy and Turd Herder received a down-down for failing to supply water which may, I suspect, have had something to do with accusations being levelled at Apple and the others.

There then ensued a lengthy discussion on next week's run - Jedi having finally volunteered to hare it then felt the need to enter into a discussion on precise directions that only the look-alike GM could understand. Finally, the Hashit was awarded to Grumble for directing vehicles along the trail at the start of the run instead of to an appropriate parking area and spreading confusion amongst the pack from the very start.

Well done to an obviously under-pressure Hare for accepting being press-ganged by the now Kabul-hashing GM and thanks for taking us to an area where the hash hasn't been for some time. Good to see the momos back on the menu - thanks to Mrs Rotter for those and for the rest of the catering. The local kids certainly appreciated the handouts at the end and Duckbill also was grateful for what she managed to snaffle off the floor.