Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1252

14 December 2002

A picture taken by the GM on the day he posted this rubbish - Bamiyan, Afghanistan
Location Beyond Balaju Virgins Rob
Hares Jedi and Haydn Returnees who'd do that?
Hashers 30-ish Leavers possibly
Hashit Grumblewald Latecomers Marcel, Hurry K, Apple, Rob, Robbie
Trash Turd Herder Trashflash Towed Under

The Pictures

The Trash


Never done it before

Norwegians take time out from drinking for a down-down

The King spots another full bottle. With newcomer.

Fichtner fairy

Hashit to be

As usual, the run started late in a north-easterly direction down and across the paddy fields to the first check adjacent to the stream. The check did not delay the pack unduly and the first climb of the run took the runners up an old landslip to a small village. The walkers remained by the stream never to be seen again on the run. For the runners it was on-on to the second check on a long straight trail with no junctions, where the pack just kept on running through the check to pick up the paper again. Up another lung-bursting hill and then down the other side, some contour running and we reached the third, holding, check where we were supposed to meet the walkers. After hanging around for a while the hare called "check it out" and we were off to holding check six. Don't know what happened to checks 4 and 5, but after lots of contour running, hills, valleys, paddy field bunds and irrigation canals and ditches we got to holding check six. Mrs. Rotter and Custard Tart must have had some inside information as, although they were last to leave holding check three, they got to check six before many of the other hashers.

Lots of confusion here as the hare tried to coax the runners to follow her in a direction about 180 degrees from the direction of the cars. Hurry Krishna had crossed to the other side of the valley and called on-on, whereupon the pack followed with the hare in the rear.

The trash scribe, Lao Lover, Bog Trotter and Custard Tart decided that the easiest way to the cars was to follow the track and thus walked and jogged to the on-in. Suprisingly there were only two hashers back there on their return - no sign of the walkers or the FRB, who had not been seen since the beginning of the run. It turns out that Jedi, leading the walkers, lost the trail and they wandered around for an hour or so. In the meantime they managed to lose three boys, Head Chopper, Alexander and Riley.

After about one and half hours everyone was back at the on-in except the three lost boys and the first search party comprising Towed and Jedi set off in Towed's vehicle, not to be seen again for about 45 minutes. Then Haydn, Handphun and Beaufort went out searching to return in about ten minutes with the lost boys. But where was Towed? His vehicle then reappeared on the track only to turn off at the junction about 100 m from the cars - why did they not check in? Hurry K set ofF on his motor bike to intercept them. By the time Lao Lover had drunk three or four bottles of beer the intrepid searchers were all back.

A number of hashers were noted as leaving the site before the stand-in GM and search parties had returned. This must be considered hash disrespect by hashers Martina, Tibet Gal, Jalak and Sideways.

As the circle had already had social drinking it was suggested that the circle business be conducted in reverse order. This totally confused the stand-in GM, who had not recovered from his exhaustive search with Jedi. Confusion reigned for a mini-second or two before he accepted a down-down and regained his memory for losing himself on the search.

Hares Jedi and Haydn were awarded a score of 9.9D after the suggestion that 100 points be awarded for losing kids was narrowly over-ruled by the SGM.

The SGM then continued with awards for various offences as follows:

Rob - virgin from somewhere in the USA
Robbie - newcomer from St. Louis
Marcel, Hurry K, Apple, Rob and Robbie - latecomers
Bog Trotter for confusing the GM by calling the latecomers newcomers, or vice versa
Grumblewald, complete with green pixie Christmas glitter head band - for ranting and raving as only Grumblewald can do about hash mis-management
Turd Herder - for something the writer (the Turd himself) has forgotten
Turd Herder - for wearing a hat in the circle
The King - for trying to prompt the SGM and saying that last week's trash was all mixed up
Turd Herder, Bog Trotter and Akio - for being next week's hares
69 - for using his mobile phone and wanking at the same time
The lost boys - Sock Sucker, Alexander and Riley - for getting lost (there's something not quite right here - Chophead was in the group earlier on - GM)
Some of the following for leaving - Reider, Grumblewald, 69, Marcel, Jedi and Haydn
Finally the hashit was awarded to Grumblewald for trying to accuse Mrs. Rotter of not bringing the hashit impedimentia - even though he was awarded the hashit last week