Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1267 15 March 2003
Location Arniko Highway 3km east of Bhaktapur Virgins Rebecca, Yuting, Herbert
Hares Rotter
Returnees Jumping Jack Flash
Hashers 49
Returnees Marina, Ruth, Simon
Hashit Zeppelin Leavers Zeppelin, Xu
Trash Towed Trashflash Tadpole, Rotter
The Pictures The Trash

Caption Invited

Handphun throws beer on the Master/Hare in thanks for a great run on superior Danish paper

Virgins Rebecca, Yuting, and Herb

So you think beer will shut me up

49!!!!!, 100, 600

Spot the Dope!

Drink it quick before it freezes

This was the same site as Run 1226, just off the main road beyond Baktapur, with an all-tarmac two-lane access all the way, so good points for the Hare straight away. This week, the run was worth recording as well.

Despite the good access a small pack of only 49 hashers gathered at three o’clock to be told by the solitary Hare that there were 8 checks, he thought, of which numbers 3 and 6 were holding checks. Without bothering to explain anything more first paper was indicated along the tarmac road and the pack set off, led by Duckbill, Towed and Run Crafty. Check 1 was soon located and the pack began to realise why this was more appropriate to the theme of St Patrick than last week’s run. Taty fields galore, lovely and green, were what we had to locate the trail through. From Check 1 the trail led down across the river where Head Chopper had a major crash and retired hurt for an early bath.

Check 2 was, surprisingly, still in the taty fields and it was here the hare made his only mistake, looping the trail back within 400metres of the check, allowing Hurry Krishna, Towed and Yogi Hare to get well ahead of the pack by the time they found Holding Check 3 at a bus stop in a small village. From here the trail headed up towards the forest, Check 4 following immediately on Check 3 with no paper in between. In amongst a plethora of paths the pack seemed confused but eventually managed to find the right trail leading to the jungle and check 5. ACE found the way to Check 6 (not holding), the trail contouring around to the west and then down from the check through the beautiful green wheat fields where the runners managed to get well tangled up with the walkers, the search from Check 6 having got the pack spread out in all directions with the wily Fox eventually finding paper.

At last the second holding check was found in a shady glade (Hare please note that we have got to Check 7), but the trail leading out was too obvious for the Fox, Keeled Over and Towed who were all straight onto the paper and heading for home. With the apparently inexhaustible options for paths in this area the pack were well kept together to Check 8 near a brick works and rather close to the out trail. Yogi Hare found the paper and Towed, having headed down the wrong side of the brick factory was only called back from setting off on the out-trail again when he found paper by the good fortune of Hurry K having followed him in the hope of finding a shortcut and recognising the trail.
Everyone soon found their way in, the first runners being back almost within the hour. This has to be a site for future exploration if the Hare can find an On-In a bit nearer the ridge.

The Fox conducted the run discussion in record time and awarded a 9.9 to the Hare who then took over the circle. Virgins Rebecca, Yuting and Herbert were welcomed to the hash. Rebecca is here to do something about fair trade to Oz. How about Ricky Ponting, Brett Lee and Glen McGrath for the whole of the England squad. Seems like a fair trade to me. Yuting is here because she works here and Herbert claims to have been sent by the Chinese government. Perhaps they want to ensure the Hash doesn’t run too close to the border.

Bog Trotter was then noted to be talking - the Master could probably have picked any time during the circle to make this award - before returnees Jumping Jack Flash, (back for six weeks to fix the electrics on Melamchi), Marina, Ruth and Simon (having been on runs 1 and 2, decided to return) were welcomed back.

Leavers Zeppelin and Xu were called in, but not for the last time confusion reigned. On this occasion it had something to do with North Americans and whether the Fox fell into this category of citizen. The Master eventually had to accept a down-down and order was restored.
Lots of crashes occurred in the taty fields and Satcheen, Siggi, Viggo and Richard joined Head Chopper for his rather more spectacular crash into the river. ACE was (again) noticed irrigating the potatoes, other similar offenders being 69, Grumblewald, although the writer is not sure the exact nature of the offences. Herbert and Keeled Over were noticed wanking in the circle as was last week’s double wanker Ruth. A new offence of paper hiding by the Hare was called by Towed, it being noted that the paper on the trail had been frequently hidden behind trees, in ditches etc.

The final offence on the run was Happy Hasher Apple who arrived back at the On-In with flowers in his hair and clutching a pot plant.
For the first time in living memory the Master actually remembered to make awards for milestone runs and Sock Sucker (100), the Fox (quite a few more than 600 on the mixed and who knows how many before) and Zeppelin (50). (Sorry, Zep, I got the hash computer up and running again and it shows that you've only done 49 runs - better come back for the real milestone! - GM)

Further awards were made to:

Bendy Toes for dancing;
Handphun for not having a shredder as good as the Danish one;
Grumblewald for not telling anyone about the Danish one;
Yogi Hare for being overdressed;
Bendy Toes for an early declaration of social drinking;
Run Crafty for setting next weeks run through the Chabahil traffic;
Helen for private partying and being a walkie-talkie on the run;
Bog Trotter for complaining that Turd Herder wanted to come to the Hash in two weeks time;

And finally (or nearly finally) the Hashit. This week’s award was a demonstration of the political acuity of the pack and their awareness of lesser international events (something that wasn’t the cricket world cup). Zeppelin, it was decreed, as the sole representative of the good old US of A, was responsible for the invasion of Iraq and should therefore be accordingly punished. Now if we could just get Bush and Blair on next week’s run, maybe the threat of a double Hashit for the pair of them would result in the whole thing being called off.
Zeppelin called for a final award to Grumblewald, just for being Grumblewald and then the whole thing was over. The Master called for social drinking and all but a few promptly left.

Thanks to the hare for a really good run and to Mrs Rotter for the catering.