Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1268 29 March 2003
Location A Temple East of Sankhu Virgins Didi Doma Lhatso (one person)
Hares Yogi Hare, Run Crafty, Tibet Gal Visitors Alfred
Hashers 37, of which 11 paid for beer
Hashit Run Crafty Leavers ACE
Trash Towed Trashflash Towed Under, Rotter
The Pictures The Trash

The runners, by a walker

A typical Towed Under work of art with the camera

The Wets

Come join the HHHH and meet people like these!!

Keeping the outside clean

The only guy who helped the GM carry the beer

The GM is the focus of Towed Under's shooting skills

The New Half-Hashit and the Old One below

Despite the slightly late posting of the run destructions by email and on the webshite, a band of 37 Hashers managed to locate the On-In, more or less by the appointed time. The Hares had been very crafty about getting people there by including in the run instructions the misleading statement that if you could find the Vishnu Temple you could find the On-In. None of the locals living between Sankhu and the On-In had ever heard of the Vishnu Temple! At least there was paper laid all the way into the site.

Once Grumble and Guano had rolled in some 15 minutes late, the Master called for order and the Hares briefed the pack. Nine checks, with numbers 7 and 9 holding; river crossings; possibly false trails and first paper off down the steps to the first river crossing.

Despite the Master’s apparent aversion to the trash being written in the first person it is, this week, going to be something of a necessity once we get beyond Check 3 as the only people on the run as far as I was concerned were me and Duckbill, so here goes.

The trail led straight across the river, led by me and Duckbill, and into similar agricultural territory as last week - lots of taty fields and lots of paths. Check one was still by the river and the pack streamed across it, scattering in all directions looking for paper. This was eventually found by Tadpole and Satcheen, but the wily Towed (me), through some judicious observation of the likely direction in which they were headed, backed up by long experience of hashing, was able to catch the trail ahead of them and run on down the river, much to Duckbill’s delight, and locate Check 2, also by the river. Once again it was clear that the trail went across the river, but Tadpole, Satcheen and Towed (me again) went off in completely the wrong direction and when “on-on” was called, it was up on to the ridge to the east.

From this point I started to lose contact with the pack. Struggling up through more taty fields, followed at a distance by Tadpole and Satcheen, I was able to keep track of where they were and was even in the rough area of Check 3 when it was found. However, attempts to find paper down in the valley were once again foiled by the Hares’ crafty laying in the opposite direction. After the initial on-on was called from Check 3, the pack fell silent and I was left, with Duckbill, to find paper on my own.

Up was the obvious direction, so up I went, listening out in vain for a faint cry of “on-on” to guide me. No such luck, but Duckbill and I were happy to be away from the crowd, noise and bustle of the main pack. Eventually we ran out of the wheat and taty fields, climbing even higher into the forest and heading for the summit. A false start along a khulo led to a dead end at a water tank and we were forced to back track down into the taty fields and then back up into the forest. Eventually, from a lofty vantage point in a small clearing, the pack were sighted at a check somewhere near the Bajra Jogini Temple some 500 metres below. Checking my watch, I saw we had been running for around 70 minutes so presumably the pack were headed back to the On-In (also visible from my perch) and a run time of around 90 minutes, so I headed down through the forest to intercept them.

I should have known better. Run Crafty and Yogi Hare were by no means done and I understand that the trail led north, not south, to visit another temple. Arriving back at the On-In some 80 minutes after setting off, Duckbill and I found Patricia and Custard Tart waiting for us having out-shortcutted even me! We had to wait another 30 minutes for the pack to finally arrive, walkers first. Fortunately Turd Herder’s driver had the key to the Master’s wagon so thirst could be quenched appropriately and Duckbill could survive on scraps of samosa.

Dinner appointments seemed to be the order of the day and it was a sorely depleted pack that was finally called to order by the Master inside the temple grounds. Fortunately there were sufficient local spectators to a) help carry in the massive new Hash Coolers and b) fill in the gaps in the circle, to make it look a little better than it was. Notable absentees were the Herders and Trotters, Palmers, and Grumble and his cohorts.

The Hares were called in and received unnecessarily lavish compliments (“nice”) from the pack. The fact that it took two days to drive to the site and that only six hours notice of the location had been given seemed to be totally overlooked. Also overlooked by the Master in his dotage was the need for a score. However, since Tibetgal said that the walkers went to see the Goddess, the decision was to award 9.9 for a change.

Other down-downs were as follows:

Tibetgal’s big sis Lhatso for being a virgin
Alfred the Great, a tourist who had previously hashed in Morocco
At this point the Master lost the plot and had to ask Towed, much to Handphun’s disgust, as to what was next on the agenda. On prompting, further down-downs were awarded by the Master to:
ACE who is leaving because he had failed in his bid to become GM and also because the project was finished (we seem to have jumped ahead to 2015 if Melamchi is done)
Rotter for not knowing what he’d posted on the webshite
Towed for not being missed by anyone on the run
Local lad Tikalal, for helping to bring in the beer
Towed again for having faulty equipment (he said his pen is broken) (think about it)
GM for declaring social drinking before he’d awarded the Hashit
Hashit, unopposed, to Run Crafty for trying to keep the hash site a secret
New Hashit to Tibetgal. We all lost track of quite why this award was made once it was noted that one of the mug’s partners had dropped off
Patricia, Sock Sucker, Custard Tart and Fangio for being wet
Bendy Toes for inside out socks
And finally The Lost Ark for having a bad stomach.

Somewhere around this stage the Master declared social drinking for the third time, Tibetgal handed out the rest of the samosas to the spectators and everyone packed up and set off on the long drive home. Well done to the Hares for a marathon that everyone else thought was a good run, to Tibetgal for successfully navigating the walkers around without knowing where she was going and thanks to Mrs Rotter for the catering (and hiding the rude bits on the busted new Hashit!).

Lastly, thanks to Duckbill for keeping me company all the way round, unlike the rest of you bastards!