Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1273 3 May 2003
Location Keeled's Kottage, Dolahiti Virgins Singaporean Sue Pang
Hares Keeled Over, Rani and Carrot Brain Newcomers none
Hashers 46 Returnees Hillary, Bill and Megabyte
Hashit Keeled Over Latecomers Thomas
Trash Turd Herder Trashflash Tadpole, Rotter
The Pictures The Trash

The fast Hare and the Slow Hair

Shortcutting slalomist and supporter

Returnees Really Useful, Megabyte, and Insolemate

Latecomer Thomas, who somehow caught up with the FRBs

Why do it standing up?

Not even the Fox's sweaty cap can douse Keeled's kandles

Socksucker has the same trouble finding his mouth as his dad

The Run

The pre-run circle formed without the GM's request. He then asked for it to be an "elongated" circle to fit into Keeled's garden, but ignored the hash protests that this was impossible. The hares announced that there were seven checks of which 2, 3 and 5 were holding. Runners then set off while the creepy crawlies stayed back with Carrot Brain.

The run set off in an easterly direction across the Chapagaon road to the first check. Where this check was, the scribe has no idea as we kept going across the shit-infested track to the bottom of a very steep, unrunnable bluff. This even had The Fox down to a crawl along the trail, which was only suitable for a mountain goat. (If you have seen the movie "Caravan", the trail was a lot narrower than the one the yak fell off!) Of course, holding check two had to be on the top of it. The runners got there some time before the creepy crawlies, who appeared in the valley below led by Towed Under and then had to be directed by the assembled mob at the top on how to reach the check.

Nearly all the hashers were at the check when the hare called on-on and Rotter was the first to pick up paper. He then had to back track on the false trail and follow the correct trail around the headland cliff top along the tributary of the Kodhu Khola to the third (holding) check near the temple at Wakhat (also more popularly know as Bal Kumari Mandir, Sunakothi - GM). The walkers turned up some time later having followed a reasonable track to this check while some of the back runners had short cut across the base of the headland.

On-on was called with Night Owl and Mouth Organ going in the wrong direction and the hung-over Grumblewold (Asda's new name for west-country Danish Blue cheese? - GM) finding the trail back down to the stream where we came to check four. A simple check from which it only took the aforementioned Grumblewold a few minutes to find the trail, again up a steep hill around some chillie fields to holding check five near the Chapagaon Road. The trail from here caused confusion with the hard-core runners of Towed, Tadpole, Rotter, Yogi Hare and Hurry K never to be seen again by the soft-core runners, who were on paper all the way back to Keeled's Kottage. After the check the trail led south along the road and then turned right into Boris Lisovitch's compound. Then down into the Nakhu Khola valley and to check six near the suspension bridge to Chunidevi. Barry found the trail on the other side of the river, so it was across the bridge and then following the left and right banks back to Bungamati and the climb up to Keeled's Kottage.

The Circle

The GM, after being prompted by Turd Herder with the hash Order of Business, called the assembled mob to order, but, even with the agenda, seemed to be at a loss as to what to do, so was unanimously awarded a down-down for tardiness by the hash. As usual the GM awarded the score of 9.9 to the hares. In this case, it was adjudged by the circle that the score was either Keeled Over's mental age or his IQ.

Carrot Brain left the circle, put his hands in his pockets and was immediately brought back in for wanking to be joined by Thomas for the same offence.

The GM then managed to instill a little bit of order and decorum and introduced the only virgin - Sue Pang originally from Singapore but now from USA. She will be here until August, so hopefully we will see more of her. (in this hope Turd Herder is extending his contract for three months - GM)

In the following melee of a circle the scribe was able to ascertain that the following awards for real and imagined hash offences: Hilary and Bill (new hash name Really Useful) and Megabyte - returning runners;

Thomas - latecomer;

• Hash crashes - Etienne, Alexander and Mouth Organ;

Handphun - competitive short cutting;

Screwed and her support groupie Therese for trying to ski on the hash (why else would she carry ski-poles around with her)?

• Hash hangover award - Grumblewold;

Erlinda for fermenting a private party;

GM for sporting muddy shoes and bum - obviously an undetected hash crash;

Keeled Over for his forty-second birthday;

Barry and Keeled Over for advertising on the hash - Rock and Roll night at the Lincoln School and topees for sale, respectively;

Hayden for not ensuring that Jedi turned up at the hash, instead of practicing her rock and roll;

Next week's run will be set by Apple and Mouth Organ. However hashers should watch the webshite as last time both of them agreed to set runs, they were not seen for several weeks. Therefore, maybe next week's run will be cancelled.

Finally the Hashit was awarded to Keeled Over as it was his birthday (the celebration of which in the middle of the circle had rendered the GM even more of a bystander than is usual these days - GM).

Thanks to Rani and her kitchen multitudes for the snacks, also to The British School for not apprehending Towed Under when leaving the premises with May Fair leftovers.