Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1274 10 May 2003
Location Suryabinayak Park Virgins none
Hares Apple and Mouthorgan Newcomers none
Hashers 32 Returnees Paul, Pinchi, Liz, Emily
Hashit Sona Leavers Emily 'Boomerang'
Trash Towed Trashflash Megabyte and Rotter
The Pictures The Trash

A rare shot of this group of gentlemen with both feet off the ground - especially the one at the back

Holding check six - or what was left of it

The Back Hare and the Front Hare with not one of their charges in sight

The on-on site, with Arthur's Leap in the foreground

Mr. 35% and Mr. 64%

This time the pack has good reason to believe that Boomerang will not return.

Paul is nominated to take to the centre yet again

Hashit to Sona

I’m sure the Master introduced this as Run 1264, but who really cares? When one is about to experience the joys and pleasure of a Norwegian-free run, nothing else matters.

So, the pack gathered on a dusty public road below the park and picnic sites, and were ready for the off by the usual 15.10. The Hares were called into the circle and Virgin Hare Mouthorgan was invited to tell us all about the run. Six checks were announced with a very even distribution of Holding Checks: numbers 2, 4 and 6. River crossings and false trails were included and a home run through the army camp dodging the bullets was promised. Walkers were to stay with Apple and runners were to be shepherded by Mouthorgan. The two groups would meet up at Holding Checks 2 and 6.

So the pack set off up the hill led by Yogi Hare and Run Crafty. A few false starts as paper was lost and then re-found before Check 1 was reached. A short downhill run back to the road and on to Holding Check 2 followed, where the pack were told to check it out without any sign of the walkers. On-on down the road and to Check 3 where a myriad of false trails held the pack up for some considerable time before the Hare finally took pity on them and guided them down through the wheat fields and over the promised river. The deviousness of the Hares knew no bounds as midway through this leg they had placed an aged crone at a small junction in the trail, standing on the paper that would have led the pack in the right direction. Only when all the pack had gone through was the correct trail called and, as the pack ran back Phil, to his horror, found himself at the front.

Holding Check 4 was soon encountered, although somewhere along the way we had lost The Fox and Run Crafty. Paul took advantage of the break for a swift Hash Slash. More down through the wheat fields before a long run out along the road. At one location it was being asphalted and everyone except Duckbill had to run along the verge. Duckbill is now brown white and black! Check 5 was in an open area below the pine forest at the end of the asphalt road - surely a potential site for a future On-In. A short run up through the pines to the temple at the top of the hill found us at Holding Check 6, but only Theresa from the walkers there to meet us. Apple reappeared from somewhere and the Hares indulged in a small private party of their own, presumably trying to work out which was the way back and what had happened to the rest of the walkers. Eventually “check it out” was called and The Fox ran straight on to the paper and a long run home along the road and through the Army camp. It was only on this section that the runners finally made contact with the walkers, who had had a pleasant walk, although apparently had seen little of Apple who had disappeared with Theresa early in the proceedings.

All-in-all an excellent run and a highly creditable first Hare for Mouthorgan (although Apple probably deserves a mention for pointing him in the right direction).

Refreshments were hauled up to the picnic area by Land Rover and hand, and the circle eventually called to order. After a run discussion in which no-one really offered any worthwhile opinion (which is what a run discussion should be, after all) 35% of the credit was generously allocated to Mouthorgan by Apple. The Master then did a quick five-minute calculation in his head and awarded the remaining 64% to Apple, keeping a miserly one percent for himself.

No virgins or newcomers, so it was straight to welcome backs Paul and Emily, although in fairness Emily had only been away for one week. Having been welcomed back, Emily was then called in as a leaver, so we can expect to see her back in a couple of weeks, despite the fact that she professed to have an air ticket for Tuesday back to the States. As a parting gift, she was awarded a Hash Name of Long Haul, or something similar. Long Haul Sally might have been better (if you can remember the Beatles). (Towed, the name she actually got was 'Boomerang' - GM)

The Master then completely ran out of ideas for down-downs so Bendy Toes took pity on him and stuffed his hand in his pocket. Bendy Toes is haring next weeks run, which was announced by the Master as another Black Florist Run. Since Towed Under did not fetch the paper and pencil from the car, this is about as far as your scribe’s recollection of proceedings can stretch. Other down-downs were awarded for a variety of things mostly, it seems, to Bendy Toes.

The Fox, Yogi Hare and Paul were Hash Slashers

The Hashit went to Sona for being too quiet. Paul received more down-downs, probably for being too noisy, and Towed for saying just the right amount but having been too noisy in the past. Social drinking was declared, more down-downs were awarded and the whole thing staggered to its usual chaotic conclusion.

Thanks to the Hares for a really good run, one on which I managed to visit all the checks and only briefly ran off well laid paper once. Also thanks to Mrs Rotter for the hash catering