Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1279 14 June 2003
Location east of Chapagaon Virgins Chris, Dipendra, Bhawana
Hares Rotter Newcomers none
Hashers 46 Returnees Sudir, Sachin, Kirsten
Hashit Couching Potato Leavers Towed, Towed Under, Tadpole, Head Chopper, Custard Tart (absent), Duckbill, Reidar
Trash The Fox Trashflash Rotter
The Pictures The Trash

As more dutiful hashers head back down from the false trail 'X', Towed, etc. keep going through it.


Virgins Chris, Dipendra,and Bhawana

Returnees Kirsten, Sudir, Sachin


A great run of 8 checks with 3 and 6 holding, got off to a late start as the off-road chariots and Run Crafty's tank worked their way slowly along the rough but vastly improved side road from Chapagaon to the parking site. Clear paper made the way easy to follow.

ALL in attendance (except Calvin?), including Sock Sucker and Carrot Brain, got moving south and up the motor track to check one. Run Crafty led the pack onto a L-O-N-G false trail across a little valley and up to a bluff, where he kindly kept quiet until his followers got to see the cross. Meanwhile Rotter and gang sat on the east side looking amused. Some of the sheep returned to Rotter, their shepherd of the day, but five more discerning runners followed Duckbill's command to heel, following her west to the paved road, and then on a long counter-clockwise loop up to the quarry overlooking the valley. Careful observation produced neither sights nor sounds of the hashers, so Duckbill took her charges on down a jeep track, past tempting chickens, and through beautiful valleys and bluffs perfect for hash running. Duckbill carefully put her five followers onto paper just below check 6. There the group waited for the pack to eventually straggle up the hill. We noted that Grumblewald was way back in the pack.

Others reported an enjoyable tour up and down through checks 2 to 5. The paper to check 7 started in somebody's back yard and led the pack down again and on to check 8 and a long but uphill home run past the Shangrila School. Again, the more discerning just stayed on the road to the school and back to the chariots where they could organize the booze for the others.

After several hashers escaped early, Rotter got the circle organized.
Virgins welcomed: Chris, who is working with Barbara and from Victoria, Canada
Dipendra Shrestha, of the Nepal Telephone Cooperation
Bhawana, British School Librarian.
Returnees put up with: Sudhir, Sachin, Kirsten. Where were they?
Pre-leaver: Jedi
Leavers: Towed, Towed Under, Tadpole, Head Chopper, Miss Cathy Custard Tart (absent), Duckbill and Reidar. We hope Tadpole can find a hash-friendly school.
Crashers: Tadpole, Bendy Toes, and Sachin.

Rotter, who, at the start of the run, having made a lot of noise about following hash rules, failed to wait for Duckbill and followers at holding check 3. They could have been dead! Shame!

Grumblewald let Reidar dress like him, leading to much confusion and abuse mistakenly poured on Reidar -- sorry Reidar!

A unique combination of Rotter and Scandinavian mismanagement led to the usual injustice over the awarding of the Hashshit. Couching Potato received it for her misdemeanour last week -- telephoning Lill during the hash circle. Fair enough, but she was to be called to receive the prize by telephone. Reidar could not use his phone and Rotter did not know how to answer the call. The signal was terrible (Dipendra to see to this). At least they got the telephone out of the mug before adding the beer:

Couching Potato accepted the unjust reward and the others got off Scott free.

Thanks to the cake baker, Mrs. Sigi, and to Durga and the Rotter's Roost kitchen crew for the snacks, including meat and cheese balls. No Balls didn't come today or it could have got a couple back.

The circle ended quickly in a mad rush to get to T.V. sets to watch the South Africa versus Scotland rugby match. Even the Run Crafty tank made it up the climb to Chapagon -- after considerable excess luggage was off-loaded.