Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1280 21 June 2003
Location Matathirta Temple Virgins Kathleen, Brian, T.R. Bhatta
Hares Jedi and Hurry Krishna Visitors Slow Drip, Phulma
Hashers 42 Returnees Don Clark
Hashit Apple and Slow Drip Leavers Jedi, Keeled Over, Carrot Brain, Chris
Trash The Fox Trashflash Rotter, Martina
The Pictures The Trash

The pack tumble and slide down from the pass on the skyline. The Fox's slippery bum gets him well ahead.

Last Arrival for Jedi


Virgins Brian and Kathleen

Returnees Don Clarke, Phulma, Slow Drip

Joint Hashits

The roughly seven check run took the pack up the road to check 1, and then left and up again to a saddle on a spur of the Champa Devi ridge, where we found check 2. Paper took us along the top of a mud slide and down a slippery trail which most runners slid down. Holding check 3 produced no sign of the walkers, so we continued to holding check 4, the site of Duckbill's duck attack. We didn't hang around there long and most watched Keeled Over lead the pack up a steep trail. The rest continued along a wide trail, through check 5, down a while, and then west for a long run through Macchegaon and a couple more checks no one seemed to have noticed.

Meanwhile the walkers spent most of the afternoon watching the negociations over the cost of a rooster Balu had killed. Somehow Lao Lover, and his Lover, as well as their mutt, got away without punishment. Slowly the pack dribbled back to the chariots with Sock Sucker and Carrot Brain bringing up the rear. One wonders what they were up to out there.

The circle was a relatively orderly affair, thanks to Towed being away. Mr. Bhatta wasted a lot of our time, but his jokes were better than the average hash ones. People spent a lot of time removing leeches, the first of the season for most of us. The following Brown Bums received awards: Sock Sucker, Slow Drip, Sana, Kate, Apple, Kathleen, Lao Lover, Brian and George.
Virgins and Visitors Kathleen, who is here from Annapolis, Maryland, to teach about private-public partnerships in the water sector. Partnership in water-making seems like an interesting concept, worth further Hash investigation.

Brian: Peace Corps Volunteer visiting from Ilam.

Slow Drip and Phulma, passing through to and from the Philippines.

T.R. Bhatta, originally from Baitadi but now living at Mata Tirtha. His jokes brought a quick end to the circle.
Returnee Don Clark, who was a SERIOUS hasher from 1984 through 1988, in the days when one could still ford the Bagmati downstream from Kathmandu. He and Connie will be here hopefully for a long time while he runs the U.S. AID office according to proper Hash standards. His four college going sons, whom we will hopefully meet in December, are living proof that it is wise to be kind to Hash Horrors.
Leavers Keeled Over, Carrot Brain and Christopher who are following Rani to England for a visit.

Jedi who abandons us for the U.S. and running in the Rocky Mountains.

Grumblewald led a party of three vehicles on a village tour on the way to the hash. He should have known better than to follow hash incorrect directions. That was really Stats' fault.

Apple and Slow Drip shared the Hashit for bringing the villagers and assorted hashers back to the chariots in a bus. The excuse was that they had to pay for the rooster. Not good enough.

The circle ended tearfully as people in once-white farewell T-shirts bid farewell to Jedi.