Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1288 16 August 2003
Location north of Chobar cement factory Virgins Damodar, Giselle, Ricardo, Ariane
Hares Hurry Krishna Virgins Che, Amiya, Peter, Johnathon, Luke
Hashers 60 Returnees Ivan, Barry, Riley, Lettie, Rose, Ruth
Hashit Rotter Returnees Dead Dog, Sharmila
Trash Towed Trashflash Rotter, Tadpole
The Pictures The Trash

The climb to Chobar

Hurry Hare gets his lot

Virgins Ariane, Giselle, Peter

Virgin Riccardo

Virgins Amiya and Che

Oh, what gorgeous weeds darling!

Very late-, probably-went-off-to-do-something-else comers

Hashit back to it's most deserving

Confusion reigned from the start as neither promised paper, nor Hare, nor Hares motorbike were evident in the car park below the gorge. So much so that the Master’s and Richard Hearn’s chariots had a coming together on the access road and verily, the Japanese Rubbish was unharmed but took lumps out of the Great British Vehicle. Anyway, eventually the Hare appeared, lots and lots of hashers gathered, the Hare ran off again to lay the out-trail and the Master called for order. Nine checks were announced with 3, 5 and 8 holding. Walkers to stay with the Hare; runners to look after themselves.

So off we set straight up the hill to Check 1 beside the main road. The Fox was soon calling on up, closely followed by Yogi Hare, with Peter running everywhere just for the exercise. (Does MSF stand for Mad Sodding Frontrunner in his case?). With a few diversions in between, where paper got thin, the pack eventually arrived at Check 2 still pretty much together. I do not actually believe that there was any paper laid from Check 2 other than one false trail, having been left scouring around in a wide circle from main road to Temple long after the rest of the pack had departed. Common sense eventually prevailed and I headed up (yet again) for the temple to find Holding Check 3 and paper leading off down the other side.

In the meantime everyone else seemed to have found the paper heading back towards the cement factory. The walkers arrived at Check 5 well before the runners and eventually the Hare gave up waiting and told them to check it out. At this point Lost Ark and Tadpole turned up and the rest of pack were espied floundering around in the padi. The walkers duly checked it out with Harry, Luke and Jonathan doing a great job leading the walkers and keeping them on paper. Jasmine could be heard giving voice as well and it was a nice change for the walkers actually getting to do checks.

Where checks 4, 5 and 6 were I have no idea, but on my descent from Check 3 I observed the runners on the other side of a small valley heading for what was presumably Check 7. A convenient path headed off in the right direction so I took it, soon finding myself lost in a forest of corn. Battling my way back up out of the valley and onto something more closely resembling a path than had been the case hitherto, I found the pack once again long gone. After a while voices were heard in the distance and Sigi was spied still floundering around in the paddy, where I can only assume he’d been since before Check 5. We eventually met travelling in opposite directions along the road - me, since it was already one and a half hours into the run, heading directly back towards the Cement Factory and Sigi professing to be following paper. Sure enough, further down the road we found the turnoff he had missed and were soon heading for Check 8 with the pack and walkers in sight.

Following the walkers on their shortcut soon got us ahead of the pack, whose location was clearly identified by the voice of The Fox crying on-on, and to Check 9 from where a long run in saw us back at the On-In around one hour fifty minutes after departure. The pack started to trickle in a few minutes, Lost Ark, Peter and Tadpole leading the way.

Soon all were in save Sock Sucker who had been left to roam in the fields with a virgin! The Master called the circle to order and the Hare was called in to the centre. Very few opinions were expressed, probably because everyone was too knackered to speak. Comments of not enough paper, hills and length were eventually wrung from the pack and the bidding opened at 9.85, soon to be raised to 9.95 then reduced to 9.9. A late offer of a ten point bonus for losing Sock Sucker was swiftly outbid by The Fox who offered a generous fifty for the same offence!

Virgins Ricardo from MSF and Mexico, Arianne, also MSF and here from Germany and/or Amsterdam for a couple of weeks, Giselle from the CMP project, Peter from MS, presumably another Dane, and Damodar from Nepal who is here for the next 60 years, were welcomed with beers before siblings Amiya and Chaitanya were softly introduced. Arianne was asked to repeat the dose for a false start and seemed to enjoy the experience.

Down-downs were then awarded to returnees Dead Dog, all four of the Weinmann family and Ruth. During the ensuing discussion as to who should have been visitors or virgins or returnees, started by Ruth who thought she was none of the above, Sock Sucker staggered back with Yanjzong in tow. Swift, rejuvenating down-downs were administered before the Master proceeded with the remaining business, namely:

Further down-downs to:

- Flower people Giselle and her partner who must have the romantic instincts of an Australian, having picked her a bunch of weeds then proceeded to drink her beer as well;
- Crashers Night Owl, Apple and Peter (where was the blood-stained Run Crafty who had the bestest crash of all?);
- Vehicular crasher Rotter, who was asked to repeat the exercise for spillage, target Richard having already departed;
- Football losers 69 and Arianne, nominated by Don (why hasn’t he got a hash name?) who was asked to join them given the utter irrelevance of the sin;
- And finally the Hashit to Rotter (sole nominee) for: coming back, not posting the trash, crashing his car, having long hair, being an architect, having a son who was awarded the Hashit for two weeks running and other minor offences.

It should be recorded somewhere that with the return of Mrs Rotter we were back to cold beers and a new introduction of fresh cold orange juice. It’s just a shame that she has to bring He Who Cannot Be Named (but is starting to look like Dumbledore) along with her.

Thanks to the Hare for a challenging run and to Mrs Rotter for hash catering, ice etc and generally being organised.