Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1291 6 September 2003
Location Bhairabnath Temple, Lubhu Virgins 1 Ashkay, Ronique
Hares Rotter Virgins 2 the Runaway British Ghurkhas
Hashers 62 Returnees Grumble, Guano, Flasher, Graham and Tim
Hashit Grumblewald Visitors  
Trash Towed Trashflash Rotter and Tadpole
The Pictures The Trash

Mass crashers just back on their feet

Hare and Most Honourable GM

Virgins Ashkay and Ronique

Rani Returns

Grumble prepares to fill his new brothel creepers

An illegal gathering of more than 5 hashers met up at Lhubu for this hastily rearranged run. One small question arises - if gatherings of more than 5 people are illegal, how come the festival at Godavari was still going on, which was the reason for the last minute change? Few latecomers meant an almost on-time start. The Hare, being also the Master, was a little confused during the run briefing and, thanks to a self-imposed time constraint, totally forgot to mention such incidentals as number of checks. Eventually nine were announced, with 3, 5 and 7 holding and false trails, river crossing etc as usual.

The first check was only 100 metres or so from the start, with the soon-discovered trail leading almost back to the On-In before turning to head further to the south-east. Check 2 occurred somewhere that I seem to have inadvertently missed (it was at the khulo, just down from the gravel road - GM), with Check 3 at a junction between two roads. But wait, this was supposed to be a holding check. A re-examination of the marking confirmed only two circles so the pack set off, mostly along a false trail before paper was found heading back to the walkers and Holding Check 4.

A very slippery trail down into a steep little valley saw the pack, led by Yogi Hare, spread a little and with the front runners running straight over a poorly marked Check 5 (not holding). From here, after much running around searching for paper that saw the pack brought back together, the trail continued to wind uphill to check 6 on another road. Most of the front runners managed to miss an abrupt left turn along this section and so found themselves at the back and having to work their way up to Holding Check 7 through the rest of the pack. Check 7 was at a replica of the check above Ramkot, and held the leaders for 10 minutes or so whilst the rest of the pack caught up. It should be said, however, that the beer could be clearly seen by the pack as they slogged up the hill to Check 7 - deliberate cruelty on the part of the Hare.

With the pack well rested, the trail led back down a steep rocky path to the road again and Check 8. From here it was clear where the trail had to lead - back across the valley to the beer - and sure enough it did. Check 9 was down by the river from where the trail led alongside, and sometimes in the river, before winding gently back up to the On-In. The only remaining surprise being the reappearance of the walkers from a completely unexpected direction.

The Master eventually called the illegal gathering to order and called himself into the circle to face something of a Spanish Inquisition from The Fox, mainly with regard to arithmetic ability on the number and sequence of the checks, although there seemed a certain failure to recognise that there only appeared to be two holding checks, not the three announced. A belated score of 54 was awarded, much against Grumblewald’s wishes who felt that a more conventional 9.9 would have been justified.

Two small virgins were welcomed, Ashkay and Ronique, the larger variety from the British Ghurkhas, having presumably decided that they could not be party to an illegal gathering, having legged it before the circle was called.

The welcoming back of the Returnees was somewhat sporadic. First up were Grumblewald and Guano, although for some reason forced to drink with Peter who had only been away for a week but was accused of trying to run the circle. Next up was Rani, having been away in Manchester, followed by last week’s visitor, the Finnish Flasher, and big and little Keslakes, Graham and Tim. Quite why Flasher was a returnee when he was here last week is beyond me. Graham drank too soon so had to have another.

There then followed a variety of trivial discussions before the Master re-focussed the debate on GRUMBLE’S NEW SHOES (and a right pair of girlie things they were!). Grumble failed to indulge in a leech-infested drink, but was let off by a generous Master.

Other down-downs were:

- Lots of Crashers: Amiya, Carrot Brain, 69, Dead Dog, Lost Ark, Duvellier father and son, and special crasher Barry who was trying to convince the GM that he had just had his first hash crash ever.
- Peter and Jap (The Crap) for dog decorations in the circle. (It looked like the dogs were scared at the prospect of the Hash - they appeared to have shat bricks!)
- Leechbags Alison and Dead Dog
- Prompter Richard
- The GM, for being the Best Mismanager in the World (according to Grumble)

And finally, despite attempts by Custard Tart to secure it for herself, the Hashit went to Grumble for believing there was a Monday hash and arranging his flight back accordingly.

Thanks to the Hare for an excellent run, despite a certain paucity of paper, and to Mrs Rotter for the super momos, meatballs and other good stuff.