Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1295 4 October 03
Location Rotter's Roost, Nakhipot Virgins Minh, Arlinda, Ana, Peter, Naren
Hares Rotter and Socksucker Newcomers Krish, Bharat
Hashers 30 Missing 1 Grumble, The Toweds, Keeled, Lost Arc
Hashit Rotter Missing 2 The Palmers, Hernia, Night Owls etc
Trash El Fox Trashflash Rotter, Beaufort
The Pictures The Trash

Although it doesn't look possible, we hared this run

Virgins - GM's instructions yet again fail to produce coordinated drinking


Returned again . . their usual sin

Peace at Last! -- (almost)

No Mutts! No Grumblewald! About twenty-five loyal hashers and visitors gathered on a perfect afternoon to enjoy Rotter/Durga hospitality and a workout of reasonable length. An hour and a quarter was all it took to get the runners a little tired and the Walkie Talkies properly exercised. Socksucker ably got the latter around the shortened course while Rotter watched the former fall for all the usual tricks -- lots of back and forth loops to keep the pack together and the Fox either off paper or at the rear.

We first went north, looping south and up and then down to Lowachowk before going up again to a check near the Keeled Over mansion. (We skip numbering checks this week, because the writer has forgotten the worst of them and forgot to ask Sock Sucker the correct number. Rotter claimed there were nine -- but -- architects!) Paper went south down to the irrigation ditch an in impromptu holding check on a bank overlooking the Nakhu Khola valley -- tempting place to check, but wrong, as Ruru Lulu found out. Yogi Hare and Hurry Krishna were soon back on the ditch for a short run to another check which Beaufort carefully guarded and falsely declared a holding check. By now Thanh Mai was bored with the walking pace and fell in behind her father to show the runners how to run. Again we headed south to the double pipe bridge and another check. Hurry Krishna chose his own route through thorns while the rest went up to a check just below Sunakoti. Here Socksucker brought the walkie talkies from another direction.

A short run through the town, and we were off east to a false trail. Yogi was quickly on the "real" paper but balked, correctly, at a strange blob of paper after a sharp right turn. The Fox took the bait and lead a dancing pack of hash sheep down a badly mined trail, and then back up again to meet the wiser runners and walkers, looping along the valley rim. The last holding check gave us a great view of the city. The runners again slid into the valley while Socksucker kept the runners high. Another check did not fool the Fox for a change, and we were off west to the paved road, north a bit and then west to examine the stuck LandRover site and to offer thanks to the Townsend Family and their Toyota for getting the booze to run a few weeks ago.

Rotter quickly got the circle "organized" and welcomed virgins Minh, Ana, Arlinda, Peter and Naren. Newcomers Krish and Bharat got their welcome, and Bharat did a super job of filling the noise vacuum of Grumblewald's absence. Bharat raised the standards of Hash Singing and we look forward to a Grumblewald-Bharat noise competition. The Hashmaster declared John and Thuy returnees, but let Tanh Mai escape -- two injustices in one. The family were at the Run Crafty ascent of Changu Narayan while the G.M. claimed to be "ill with a cold." Then, Ruru Lulu did have a good excuse, having spent the summer working very hard at propping up Her Majesty's Government which needs all the help it can get. One suspects that the GM was still licking his wounds after the "Stuck LandRover" incident.

We welcomed latecomer Rani who is enjoying the holiday caring for only two kids, while Keeled Over is off terrorizing the Khumbu area. The crasher group were Simsha, Bendy Toes and Rotter.

Rotter got the Hashit because Grumblewald was not present.

Many thanks to Durga and the Rotter's Roost kitchen crew for great snacks, including fish and chips.