Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1296 11 October 03
Location The First Bungamati Tree Virgins 1 Sandra, Carlos, Carlos Jnr, Bernardo
Hares Apple, Bendy Toes, Juan Carlos Virgins 2 Krishna, Suresh, Shyam, Andrew, Jayendra, Fleming, Sussi, Lis, Kristian
Hashers 57 Newcomers Michael
Hashit Night Owl Returnees Therese, Gabi, Peter, Rasmus, Cathy
Trash Towed Trashflash Rotter, Tadpole
The Pictures The Trash

Check 5 above the Bagmati

2/3 of the Hares

Virgins Andrew and Urrea Family

Virgins - mostly Danish

Virgins - mostly not Danish

69 + 31

It's not going to be one of the usual cultured narratives this week as once again I really couldn't be bothered taking notes, no one asked me to do this anyway, I was knackered after a hard week's trekking and, like Grumblewald, had acquired a stinking cold somewhere along the way. So basically, it will be quick and dirty, a bit like Night Owl's run.

The run started off in the usual direction - down and off to the west, led by Night Owl. Check 1 was on the road into Khokana, which is exactly where the trail led, for an interesting tour through the duck-infested streets and alleys of the village, much to the amazement of the locals. Holding Check 2 was where the path down to the Bagmati bifurcates at the local sewage dump - an interesting and attractive spot where the GM decided that posed photos were the order of the day. No sign of the walkers at this holding check.

From here most of pack headed unwittingly for Holding Check 4 before Tadpole and Towed found the paper heading further west into their home territory and called everyone back. The trail led steeply down to the river and Check 3, from which these two FRBs decided incorrectly that it was a right hand loop and ended up at the rear of the pack. Holding Check 4 was at the bridge across to the leper hospital and there was some suspicion that, knowing these Hares, there could be a simple loop across the river and back to the same point. This was not the case, however, and Yogi Hare was soon calling on-on downstream through the paddy, where the Hares had had some problems with local farmers not wanting the trail through their fields. After a considerable struggle through the fields where Night Owl managed to lose both shoes, we found Holding Check 5 almost at the bottom of a trail running down from the main road to the river.

Up was really the only way from here, along a pleasant trail and to Check 6 at the road. Unfortunately no-one recognised this for what it was as the local kids had got at it and mussed up the immaculate circles that the hares had no doubt laid. A straight run back in along the road saw the runners passing the walkers and everyone back in a little over one hour.

The Hares were soon called into the circle and after a hesitant offer of 1.25 were awarded an incredibly unusual 9.9. The GM managed to ignore the fact that Fangio's bum was filthy from crashing.

Virgins were then welcomed in three batches, there being so many. Mostly more Danes who seemed to be visiting in droves and actually had nothing to do with Grumblewald (but then if I was a Dane, I would probably want nothing to do with him either!). There was also a new family of four and three local lads, two of whom actually admitted to being friends of Yogi Hare.

Welcome backs included Rasmus, the only Norwegian diplomat left in the country apparently, 69's concubine whose name I cannot remember (Gabi - GM) and, I think, someone called Peter who I understand has been around off and on for years. There may also have been a visitor or two but I was too busy talking to Keeled Over to notice.

Other than Night Owl running in his socks, apparently assisted by Grumblewald, there appeared to have been no other incidents on the hash. Hashit was therefore awarded to Night Owl and social drinking declared so we could all get back home to watch the rugby.
Thanks to the Hares for a well laid run and, given my physical state, one of a very suitable length, to Mrs Rotter for the usual hash catering and presumably to Screwed for the pretzels.