Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1298 25 October 2003
Location Chundevi Isthani, East of Bhaktapur Hares Carrot Brain and Keeled Over
Hashers 20 Hashit Keeled Over
Trash Towed Trashflash Rotter
Remarkables visitors: Bengt the Grate Dane (not worthy of a mention in The Trash), GM Shagged from Surrey Hash leavers: Shagged
The Pictures The Trash

And then the Hare leaned the other way . . .

I almost shit one as well

The fourth pose for the mandatory Hare Shot

GM Shagger presents THE GM with a commemorative T-shirt which doesn't seem to have anything written on it

We can't go home this clean! The Fox and Socksucker finish off with a brick dust fight

Clearly the number of hashers attending a run is inversely proportional to the distance of the run from Nakhipot and the reputation of the Hare for setting sensible length runs. Sufficient explanation for the fact that only 3½ hashers turned up for this Keeled Over Klassick. Grumblewald nearly didn't make it, thanks to the sudden emergence of a small child in the middle of the main road in front of him but, thanks to his lightning reactions to safeguard his bike, the damage was restricted to a bent mirror. His dedication to the Hash showed as, having presumably paused to wipe off most of the blood, he made it to the start sometime after The Fox who had been last seen assisting with language difficulties at the roadside.

The On-In site was at a brick kiln safely tucked away behind a couple of houses in this landscape of brick kilns, well marked with paper. After giving people the benefit of the doubt for 10 minutes or so, the Master called a very small circle to order. The Hares did not seem to have much of a clue as to what was happening, announcing somewhere around 6 checks with possibly 2 and 4 holding (a statistic that subsequently proved to be wrong). There being no virgins to explain the art of hashing to, proceedings got under way quickly, with the first paper leading back towards Bhaktapur.

Check 1, at a convenient brick kiln, was found without too much difficulty. Towed and Rotter were soon on to paper and after a few missed turns that saw Run Crafty disappear for some considerable time, Holding Check 2 was encountered at another brick kiln. After waiting for some time, it was concluded that Hare No. 2 had taken the walkers to the wrong brick kiln so the runners were invited to check it out on their own. Once more, Rotter and Towed were first on to the paper which was now leading more round to the south and east. No one except the Hare found Check 3, but all passed close to it. Possibly, it was in the brick kiln that we'd all just run past.

This, however, was where things started to go wrong for the Hare. Encountering an asphalt road, the FRBs turned left and soon Rotter was once again on paper across the other side of the road. The trail, however, proved to be false but Towed, looping around to try to intersect the real trail, encountered a holding check carefully concealed inside a brick kiln, assumed incorrectly to be Holding Check 4. It later transpired that it was possibly Holding Check 5, but even the No. 1 Hare did not appear too certain as to which it was. Anyway, The Fox, Rotter, Towed and Duckbill were the only ones to appear here and from this point on became completely detached from the rest of the pack. However, they safely followed paper all the way back to the On-In, via only one more check and a number of brick kilns.

There they had to wait for a further half hour for the remaining hashers to return, not least for Ivan who had the key to the beer truck. The time was passed chatting to the Grand Master of the Surrey Hash (for the uninitiated, Surrey is a suburb of London), who sported the quaint hash name of Shagger. He was here on a trekking holiday and had just flown back in from Lukla that morning. However, his taxi driver had clearly not logged on to the Webshite and was unable to follow instructions to get there by 15.00.

Once Ivan was back the beers were swiftly released from their cruel incarceration in Rotter's truck and proceedings called to order. The Hares were awarded a nifty 9.9 - obviously getting lost when you're a hare doesn't count against you. Still, an educational study tour of the new and old technology being used to turn paddy fields into building materials must count for something.

Visitor Shagger was welcomed, despite not having run, then given another down-down for bribing the GM with a Surrey Hash Run 1500 T-shirt, before being bade farewell to in the traditional manner. No virgins, newcomers or incidents on the run were recorded so the proceedings swiftly moved on to the Hashit. There was a complete lack of choice for this, crasher Grumblewald having already headed off to retrieve his driving licence from the local traffic police, and it was unanimously awarded to Keeled Over for being unable to find the paper on his own hash.

Thanks to the Hares for an educational, if somewhat bizarre run and to Moti Rotter (in the absence of Mrs) for the usual hash catering.

n class="blue_emphasis">Mrs) for the usual hash catering.