Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1299 1 November 2003
Location Nikusera, east of Thimi Hares The Fox
Hashers 47 Hashit Bengt the Grate
Trash The Fox Trashflash Rotter, Hernia
Remarkables virgins: Gerd, Katerina, and John Eirik Hindrum: Margaret and Sandy Argue: Pradeep, Prajuwal, and Prasana Mondal: Suresh Tiwari, Tara Bom, Montgomery Layton, Augustina Barros returnees: Kamala leavers: Bengt the Grate
The Pictures The Trash

As usual, 4 metre chasms are no impediment to the Fox's route

The Streamlined Hare

Virgins 1

Virgins 2

I can hardly wait to get this mug upside down

The Fox was in an expansive mood, having just heard that this will be the last hunting season during which his British country cousins have to waste their weekends out foxing mutts.

We welcomed a pack of 47 harriers and one well behaved mutt, and, by 1505 hours, were off, the runners heading south to back check 1 while the walkers crossed the road and went west to find paper. The paper crossed a rise and down to back check 2 in a little valley. Grumblewald had caught on by now and was soon leading the pack north up the ridge, only to fall for back check 3 back in the same valley. There seems to have been a slight harrier dustup on the bridge near the check, nearly causing Grumblewald a muddy landing. Again the pack headed north to holding check 4 to the east of Bodhe. As the walkers straggled in, the pack went checking. This time there was no back check and, after a slight delay, the pack continued north. Meanwhile Tibet Gal took charge of the walkers, leading them east to paper and south back to the chariots.

The runners' paper turned left from the main road, past a fish and duck pond, and down to the banks of the Bagmati. These temptations were for Duckbill who did not condescend to grace today's event, probably in anger over the pending British hunting legislation. Back check 5 gave the runners a good view of the local bathing and laundry area. Paper took them back north to check 6 at the road. We obviously had to climb to Nilbahari Temple. Creative checkers chose various bramble infested routes while the wiser followed hare guidance to check 7 at the temple. We now turned south again, following the ridge and climbing to a village and back check 8. By now the front runners could smell beer and quickly found paper which took them down a good trail and then jeep track, past back check 9 which most (except Night Owl) ignored, and on home.

By the time the last of the runners reached the chariots, Rotter and Hurry Krishna were ready to start the circle. Lost Ark deserved the Best Recruiter award for doubling the Norwegian hash body count. Virgins from India, Nepal, the U.S., Canada and Argentina swelled the pack and, in some cases, improved its running skills and appearance. We bid a sad farewell to Bengt, who promises a December return. Grumblewald took a minor reward for saving lives through his motorcycle sliding skills last week. He somehow escaped receiving the Hashit which Bengt grabbed -- a sure source of free beer in Scandinavian pubs.

We note that the Run Crafty party skipped the circle to attend a Canadian Halloween party -- yes, a day late, but the parties were probably still going on in western Canada. Such misplaced values will hopefully be corrected in future hash circles.
Canada. Such misplaced values will hopefully be corrected in future hash circles.