Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1301 15 November 2003
Location road to Tokha Hares Night Owl and Mcleod
Hashers 46 Hashit Leyla
Trash Towed Trashflash Socksucker, Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Lina, Hari, Anja, Maria, Gitte, Jennie, Thomas, Celine returnees: Nitesh, Connie, Hayden, Ever Reddy, Greg
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Virgins 1

Virgins 2

Returnees paying the ususal close attention to the GM's words

That returnee in full

'Muscles' Clark. See Trash 1300 main photo


Contrary to previously expressed beliefs, Night Owl was not found directing traffic, directions were impeccable and everyone got there on time. Contrary to another privately expressed sentiment Ever Ready actually made it as did other welcome Welcome Back, Hayden (but minus No Balls). This is an excellent area for runs, essentially on two levels as the rivers have carved their way down through the deep sand deposits.

The circle was eventually called to order, but with some effort due to numerous Danish virgins milling around and not understanding what the GM was on about (so they should fit in well as none of the rest of us do either). Six checks were announced by the Hares, with 3, 5 and 6 (or something like that) holding. As usual with a Night Owl run, false trails would abound. First paper was back across the road and along the opposite bank of the river. Check 1 saw the pack scattered far and wide on false trails but Towed eventually found the right trail heading up the bluff and after a brief run along the top, down the other side and then up again. Check 2 was somewhere around here and the meandering Towed and Rotter found the paper heading off through the fields. This was the last we saw of the Fox who was spied down in the bottom of the valley looking singularly untroubled and off to run his own hash.

Holding Check 3 was delightfully sited beside a pig manure processing plant. Rotter managed not to notice the check and blithely trotted off to find paper. Diced Carrots was spotted re-emerging from behind a convenient haystack whilst the pack waited around and Run Crafty provided a spectacular crash on his final approach to the check from the completely wrong direction. Chaos ensued as the runners decided they couldn't be bothered waiting for the Hare and set off after Rotter who had been calling on-on as he had disappeared and Run Crafty had told of the a false trail that he had come in on. No-one seemed to be able to find paper from here and I think eventually had to be guided by the Hare - once again back up onto the top level and a long run to Holding Check 4 at Tokha's Kali temple.
Again it was Rotter and Towed who found the paper from here and led the pack off eastwards, sure in the knowledge that the trail had to swing south to take us back to the chariots. The trail got a bit confusing after this in terms of where the checks were and the fact that separate trails seemed to have been set for walkers and runners. Check 7 took everyone by surprise but eventually the pack straggled in from a variety of directions, walkers and runners alike, and The Fox appeared as if he'd never been anywhere else but on paper!

This was to be a Cakes and Ale circle as Beaufort's 50th birthday was singularly ignored by the GM, but not by Erlinda who graced the table with éclairs, cakes and other goodies. Ever Ready's return meant that we were also complemented with dip and biscuits to go with the crisps, popcorn and veg sticks.

The GM finally called the circle to order, cleared out the loitering Danish virgins and called the Hares in to be judged. Nothing but compliments from the grovellers, and an indeterminate score, generally reckoned to be 2.2 since they had been so flattered by the review.

Down downs were awarded as follows:

- Two batches of virgins, namely Lina, Hari, Anja, Maria, Gitte, Jennie, Thomas and Celine, mostly Danish from MS but with a token Canadian included for some ethnic balance;
- Welcome backs Ever Ready, Hayden, Connie and Greg.
The GM then took the opportunity to announce next week's run out at Sanku which will be on SUNDAY at 11.00 a.m. He then got back to the serious business of down-downs for:
- Stand in Canadians Ivan and Greg, for the crashing Crafty Canuck who had snuck off early;
- The Fox, probably as a welcome back too, since he hadn't been seen on the run, but also for being Canadian;
- Grumblewald for thinking he was at Butlins and wearing his colour-coordinated shell suit.

And finally the Hashit was awarded to Ever Ready for not turning up at the Godavari hash party when she said she would.

Thanks to the Hares for the best run of the year (that is until I do my next one) and to Erlinda, Mrs Rotter and Ever Ready for the hash catering.

and to Erlinda, Mrs Rotter and Ever Ready for the hash catering.