Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1302 30 November 2003
Location Griot's Grotto, Baisepatti Hares Griot and Connie
Hashers 57 Hashit Grumblewald
Trash Towed Trashflash Connie, Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Louis Harvey, and two USAIDers WHO DIDN'T PAY!!! newcomers: Steve Brault returnees: Sheila, Naren, Madhuri, Ashkay, Bent, Mark Brandt, Slow Drip, Fullmoon, Dande, Kanchi, Heme, Gyurmi leavers: Bent milestones: 100 runs for Keeled Over
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Virgins, only one in tears so far

Wanking newcomer

Comet Bent; next return in 2007

Returnees 1

Returnees 2

Keeled's Kentury

Grumble in common mode

I don't know why I bother to write this tripe every week since the Master appears to have stopped posting it on the webshite. Nevertheless, here goes:

As the hash moved on to daylight saving time for the winter and the Scandinavians (left sleeping in their beds for last week's morning run) returned, some 57 gathered at the Clark Ranch for a welcome return to the south. The whole thing was too much for the Master who thought he was still on Run 1302 when he called the circle to order. Since it had been two days since he set the run, and he's getting on a bit, the Hare was uncertain as to how many checks there were, but thought that 3, 4, 7, 11, 14 and 15 were holding. A new paper saving innovation of a circle with a blob in the middle being a holding check and the old way of needing to pass three blobs of paper before the real trail was confirmed (a concept far too complex for the Master to grasp) were also announced.

So off we all set, heading south down the tarmac for a while before losing paper for the first time. Eventually the trail was found leading off towards Chobar, although the pack were so scattered by this stage that they didn't manage to get back together until approaching the chowk, with Slow Drip leading the way on paper, closely followed by John, Thanh Mai and Custard Tart. From the chowk the trail headed up through the village in a reverse of the loop set on Run 1293. The first of the new breed of holding check was at a small temple above the village. Dire warnings of danger were issued by the Hare before inviting the pack to check it out and Towed, who had set run 1293 was soon on paper and leading the way past precipitous cliffs and down to the suspension bridge at the gorge. A false trail from the check here fooled Towed and the Lost Ark before paper was found (I'm reliably informed) across the bridge and down through the temple to the delightful river bank.

From this point on I was left observing from a distance, having not believed that Griot would dare to set the same run that I had recce'd two weeks previously! The trail ran along the river bank for a long way before turning up towards the lake and on up to Lamagaon before descending again to the seasonal bridge and back across the river. A straightforward run in through Sano Khokana, up brick lane and along the runway (dangerous place - news is Tadpole is taking driving lessons on it and its verges - GM) saw us back at Griots in around an hour and 45 minutes to find The Fox, Beaufort and a few others already there but no sign of the walkers. Connie had apparently decided to take them the long way round but Alison and Towed Under, following the shining example set by her husband (is she going bald as well? - GM) elected to ignore the Hare's advice and headed direct for home. The rest of the pack (including Grumblewald who had not been seen since the crossing at Chobar) and the walkers eventually straggled in after something of a well over 2-hour marathon.

As the sun disappeared, the mountains glowed pink on the distant horizon and the pack froze, the Master took sympathy and called the circle to order. Hares were called in for judgement and judgement indeed it was. Voted the shittiest run of the year, bidding started at 3.2 and ascended through shit point shit to a stunning 9.9.

The Master then proceeded to terrify the offspring of the virgins (is that a contradiction in terms or what?) and awarded down-downs as follows:

- Virgins Michael and Family, here with USAID
- A wanking newcomer whose name I did not catch (Steve - GM)
- Returnees Slow Drip and 4 others, followed by a second tranche of three
- An ignorant Chick
- Leaver Thickhead or Squarehead or something from Denmark who was last here in '99 and complained that there was no-one left, accompanied by Griot, possibly for also having been here in '99
- Keeled Over for not volunteering to hare next week's run (to be hared by Grumblewald)
- Laughing wanker Mark
- Ivan didn't get a down-down for running a big private party, but should have done
- Hashit to Grumblewald as the token Scandinavian who ruined this week's run by all coming back after last week's blissfully Scandinavian-free run
- Milestone of Keeled Over's 100th. I feel that something special should be said when someone achieves such greatness, but really can't be bothered. (Oh yes - Custard Tart says he must be really old to have done 100 runs)
- And finally, completely out of sequence, Thomas for crashing.

Thanks to the Hares for providing a much more peaceful On-In site than last week, although I hear that the powers that be in the US Embassy are not going to win the hearts and minds of the Hash by insisting that Baisepatti is much too dangerous place to live and making the family Griot move. Thanks also to Mrs Rotter and others for the great hash catering.

hasis">Mrs Rotter and others for the great hash catering.