Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1304 6 December 2003
Location Second Bungamati Tree Hares Grumble, Lost Ark, Viagro
Hashers Keeled Over's got the Hash Sheet Hashit The Vicar
Trash Keeled Over Trashflash Rotter, Tadpole
Remarkables virgins: Shin, Aaron returnees: Pinchi, Slow Drip, The Mad Dane visitors: Michael 'The Vicar' Younger leavers: The Vicar, The Mad Dane pleasantly absent: most Toweds
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Non-scandie Virgins

Canadie and Scandie

Closet Scandiehoolie


Hash 1304 was set by Scandie Hooligans Grumblewald, Lost Ark, and Viagro, and traced a contorted figure of eight around the ridge that marks the Bagmati River-Nakhu Khola watershed. Although the pre-run request to bring a spare set of socks made it highly likely that it would at some stage ford the Nakhu Khola - the Bagmati is too toxic to even consider dipping your toe into - for most of the run the pack were left guessing where paper would lead next.

It first led on a long and level run northwards along the Bagmati side to the first check with Tadpole and Heme leading the way. This was the last that anyone saw of Tad until he lolloped in at the end along with Midge fifteen minutes after everyone else. He was the only representative of the Towed clan as Towed and Towed Under were off on their second honeymoon. This made for a relatively subdued circle and a quieter than usual progression through the countryside.

The trail now led cunningly back over onto the Nakhu Khola side and southwards before it again crossed back to the Bagmati side. The paper then unethically led the sweating pack through young mustard fields where a good deal of crop trampling took place. Remember folks, it's OK to run across fields of emerging wheat as wheat plants grows back quite happily after being trampled. But, a burly stamp on a poor mustard plant ends its prospects of ever adding to a farmer's harvest. (Oh, get on with it, Keeled - GM)

It took the runners a while to find the trail at Check 4, not helped by
Grumble giving deliberately misleading directions to "head down the hill".
The pack picked up speed down a steep shit alley, led by Keeled, only to be
brought to a standstill by an emphatically placed X. So it was back up the
hill with a collective grimace and curses to holding check 5 nearby the
second and a half Bungamati tree at the top of the ridge.

Somebody soon found paper leading down to the Nakhu Khola. Over stepping stones, a jog back south along the Raj Khulo, some buggering about with checks, some toing and froing, and some upping and downing eventually brought the home arrows and a false trail marker for the run-in to the chariots. God only knows where the walkers, led by Viagro, got to.

The term "Scandie Hooligans" was introduced to the HHHH by yet another uncouth visiting GM. The last time we had such a visitation was on Hash 1298, the brick chimney run, where Surrey GM Shagger was well and truly plastered by the time the circle was over. This time it was the Oslo Hash GM who graced us with his presence. The Vicar, (aka Michael Younger), who happens to be British, was awarded with down-downs for visiting, for leaving, and for the less common offence of carrying a dose of Viagra under his hat! He also sang a couple of rather dire ditties and then managed to get his own back by persuading Rotter to dish out down-downs to all the Norwegians present for never having run on the Oslo Hash. Viagro and Rasmus got their due rewards whilst Lost Ark got one for doing something that offended the GM. The Vicar was the only real candidate for the Hashit. He was duly presented with it with the warning not to take it out of the country.

Virgins Shin and Aaron were welcomed, and returnees Pinchi, The Mad Dane and Slow Drip were treated in the customary way. Rotter and Fangio got down-downs although they claimed that their mud besplattered behinds were not the result of hash crashes.

The run received a resounding 8.8 to match its geometry after which social drinking was called and the pack started gnawing at Ever Reddy and Mrs Rotter's lovingly prepared snacks, not necessarily in that order! That's all!!

gly prepared snacks, not necessarily in that order! That's all!!