Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1306 20 December 2003
Location Towed Hall, Bhaisipatti Hares Towed and Head Chopper
Hashers 60 Hashit Towed Under and Screwed
Trash Towed Trashflash Connie, Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Hilary, Stavely, Julius, Anne, Hattie, Phoebe returnees: Adrian, Satcheen, Amiya, Nils, Chris, Chi, Andy, Katy, Freddie, Natasha, Martin, Reinhardt, Steffie, Vincent, Paula milestones: Roger’s 50th, but the GM didn’t notice
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Two Milestones

Double wanker

Private Party I

Private Party II

A Brace of Hashits (if you can think of a better collective noun, please tell the GM)

Last runner in

The promise of stuffed dead turkey brought out 60 hashers on a fine sunny December afternoon. Slight concerns for those who arrived early in that the Small Hare had not managed to return from setting the trail, but otherwise all was OK. Shortly after 14.00 the Master called the pack to order on the sumptuous lawns of Towed Hall and the Hares into the centre to explain the run. Neither had the first idea what the other had done, so the run briefing was left largely to guesswork. Runners were with Towed on white paper, walkers with Head Chopper on pink. Twelve checks were announced with five and eleven holding, false trails and the three blob principle reintroduced by Griot. (The GM still doesn’t understand how this works).

First paper was in the usual direction down the terraces for the runners and along the road for the walkers. Check 1 fooled nobody, mainly because Tadpole had seen the sketch plan that Towed always makes of the run, and the runners headed further down towards Sano Khokana. Tadpole managed to mistake Check 2 for a false trail, thus throwing everyone’s calculations of holding checks out, but the pack was soon on paper and up the terraces again to meet the walkers. Silly them, because the trail led straight back down again to within about 100 metres of where they’d been.

From Check 3 the runners and walkers split, the runners heading off towards Sano Khokana and then in a big loop through Check 4 and to Holding Check 5 below Khokana. Walkers took a more direct route to Holding Check 11. From here the runners headed through the bathing beauties and on for the bonny bonny banks of the Bagmati in the dry season. Check 6 on the east side of the bridge was closely followed by back Check 7 on the west bank. A short climb led to Check 8 – another back check – from where the trail headed further south towards the leper colony and the suspension bridge. Check 9 was somewhere in between checks 8 and 10, and Check 10, on the main trail up the Khokana was missed by most runners as they could already see the walkers congregated at Holding Check 11 just short of the village.

A cultural tour through the narrow village streets followed, before once again the walkers and runners parted company, the walkers to head in a more or less straight line for Towed Hall and the runners on a small detour to find out just how much shit a village the size of Khokana can generate! Check 12 on the north side of the village was again ignored by most of the runners who followed Rotter on the most direct route home, but Sona, Chris, Griot and a couple of others were directed onto paper by the Hare and followed it all the way home.

The news on arrival back at Towed Hall was not good. Steffie had managed to fall off the trail early in the run and had been whisked off to B&B for a check up. Word was back, thanks to the benefits of modern telecommunications, that she’d broken an ankle and would soon appear, in plaster, back at the On-In.

Snacks galore were provided and once the hungry pack was sated, the Master called the circle to order and the Hares into the middle. Offers of scores oscillated wildly before settling on a median of 7.7.

Virgins Hilary, Stavely, Julius, Anne, Hattie and Phoebe were welcomed in the traditional style. Hilary is here visiting family Katy and Andy, Stavely is here for some reason or another (I missed the introductions having had to dash away to get pencil and paper), Julius is the final member of the Fichtl family to join the hash (although it doesn’t look like mum Steffie will be back too soon) and Anne, Hattie and Phoebe have been here for years but never bothered coming before.

Loads of returnees followed: Chris, Nils, Satcheen, Vincent, Paul, Suman, Natasha, Freddie, Adrian (who probably last ran on Run 100) and Amiya. Other down-downs were:

Crashers Sanjeev, Thomas, James (thirsty old man John taking the D-D on his behalf) and Shimsa
Towed, for actually managing to set a run where someone remained on paper all the way
Last week’s taxi riders James and Hanoi Hannah
Shortcutters Keeled Over, Thomas and Rotter, although there were many more by my reckoning: John, Dead Dog, Nicolet, Stavely and a couple of others who all followed the river bank between the bridges
Double wanker Nils
Towed, because Custard Tart included dog shaving on the Master’s prompt card
New shoes Suman
John, Adrian, Anne and Alison for private partying

The Hashit was this week jointly awarded to Towed Under and Screwed for ?? (Anybody remember - I don't anyway - GM)

Finally, birthday boy Roger was shopped by the rest of his family, and should have also been shopped by the GM for this being his 50th run.

Just before the Master was able to call for social drinking, carol sheets were handed out, this being the last hash before Christmas, and the circle gave a lusty rendering of “Once in Master David’s Circle”. Unfortunately, led by the GM, the tune managed to change to “Hark the Herald Hashers Cry” midway through the second verse, which would be OK except for the fact that it has an eight line stanza, not six, so leaving the Circle six lines short of a conclusion once they’d sung all the words!

Well done the Hares for a stunningly brilliant run and to Ever Ready, Steffie, Screwed, Mrs Rotter, Anne, Alison and Towed Under for excellent hash catering, especially Ever Ready’s enormous turkey (not Nils). Best wishes to Steffie for a full and speedy recovery.

to Steffie for a full and speedy recovery.