Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1307 25 December 2003
Location Towed Hall, Bhaisepati Hares Towed
Hashers 24 Hashit Santa
Trash Towed Trashflash Tadpole
Remarkables visitors: Karen & Katie from Brunei latecomers: Peter & Maria
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Handphun keeps her hands dry for other things

Hare and assistant

Hash largesse

Hmm . . . for my next act?

Xmas Trash 2003

(with apologies to George R. Sims)

T'was Christmas Day in the Hash House
And all of the Hashers were there
Well, at least twenty three and a quarter
And once again Towed was the Hare
The briefing was quite comprehensive
And seven or so checks were announced
The first paper was over “that way”
And off twenty four hashers flounced
The trail headed up towards Khok'na
In similar vein to last week
He'd even used some of the paper
That bastard's exceedingly cheap
The walkers with Towed Under guiding
Had headed off straight for the road
The runners would finally catch them
Helped on by magnificent Towed [!]
On-on they went down to the Nakhu
The walkers were still on the beach
Check it out called the Hare on arrival
So no-one was bit by a leech
Eventually Yogi found paper
Heading off up the steep other side
It seemed we were heading for Grumble's
And sure enough, he did provide
Once there we were fêted and watered
With beer and with some fizzy drinks
and some quaint Scandinavian mouthwash
Scandies don't care what one thinks
The chariots both had been waiting
To ferry some back to Towed Hall
The others decided to run it
Including hungout Grumbewald
At Towed Hall, Santa took over
Splendidly red with his sack
In which Harrietes all could furtle [!!]
Provided they gave something back!
Everyone there had a down-down
Including Handphun's Mum and Dad
There was food and strong liquor a-plenty
So it couldn't have been all that bad
T'was Christmas Day in the Hash House
And most of the Hashers were pissed
Except for the sodding Grand Master
Who nobody had really missed
The Hare was collapsed in a corner
Acting Master was drunk as a skunk
Towed Under was beating the horrors
And Santa had just done a bunk
And Santa had just done a bunk