Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1310 10 January 2004
Location Summit Hotel, Sanepa Hares Apple and Danny G
Hashers 59 Hashit The Tourist
Trash The Tourist Trashflash Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Jeanelka Kristensen newcomers: Else Nielsen returnees: Pradeep, Jonathan, Hurry Krishna, Tshering, Martina, the Cutting clan, Megabyte; Sudesna, Sarban and Danny Grimmink; Anand and Sangita Sharma
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Cheers and its good to be back!


I seem to remember that as I was preparing to leave this historic run, clutching the Auspicious Hash Shit trophy in my beery hands, several of the eminent Hashers present suggested to me that I write something about the run for Hash Trash purposes. This puzzled me rather (anything would have done by that time) as it seemed that a more than capable Hash Scribe than I had been making copious notes upon the back of an old envelope during the entire down downs . . . presumably that Trash will bear more relation to the reality and practicalities of the event than these lines will. (Ed. if it existed I doubt that it would have, knowing the style of Towed's usual offerings!) All I am able to do is jot down some isolated and probably irrelevant thoughts and ramblings and rememberings, influenced not least by the fact that this is the first Hash I have attended in nearly two and a half years. In fact my last run with the HHHH was Herman's Last, which I set with the Great Man himself from the Bungamati Tree. Someone must know what number that run was, it must be a lot of runs that I missed. (It was Run 1159 on 31st March 2001 - GM)

The reasons for me not attending the Hash for so long are unclear really and remain shrouded in excuses... in fact I had kidded myself that I had done what Herman was always talking of in his guttural, self deprecating manner, namely "given the damn thing up." Despite being one of the most dedicated Hashers around, "Finger in the Dyke" lost no opportunity to make fun of the Hash, and ourselves. As we would often stroll around the valley between 1990 and 2001, casually throwing hash paper and cocking up perfectly easy haring courses, Herman would often ask "What the hell are we doing Graeme?" (and to get the accent you really need to fill your mouth with spit I think!) After that last run with my old friend, fate, circumstances and the aforementioned weak excuses did indeed keep me and my family away from the Hash. Like some Grim (minck) prophecy, I had indeed given the damn thing up!

So I thought until that most Foxish of Old Hashers, Father Bill, called me up to say that Sudesna, Sarban and Danny were back in town and that there would be a run for Herman. So last Saturday afternoon found us at the Summit Trekking HQ, and it was a great feeling to find Stats Men standing in the street wondering where to go! We had found the hash again! The mood was set from then on. Gradually other hashers arrived and the Grand Master Memorial Run (which would once have been celebrated with a T-shirt I guess) began.

Apple and Danny had set a good and very nostalgic run around Dhobi Ghat and the settling ponds, and for those of us who remember runs from Bill Green's house at Dhobi Ghat, and from the Grimminck's residence a few years later, it had the air of being a trip down memory lane. I guess most hashes these days start from places further out, but in the Golden Era of Herman, runs that still started within the Ring Road worked. They still can! The settling ponds are still as pristine as they ever were, but there has been a lot of building around and about. To their credit, the Hares led us through some classic "shiggy" and a wonderful garbage dumping area with dust to match. Herman couldn't have done it better.

All arrived safely back agreeing it had been a great run. The Hash Master then called the pack to a circle and the real foolishness began. In the days when Herman and myself would ask each other why the hell we were wasting our time here, we had two reasons for saying this. One, that it was mad to run in the first place, and two, it was really mad to do all that Circle stuff and sing stupid songs and make fun of everyone and so on. Could I now manage to be more objective about this strange anthropological ceremony? I thought so, but within a few seconds was proved wrong. So this is what it’s all about dude, getting drunk and shouting our heads off too much. Oh yeah, I remember.

Mr Potter does a sterling job as hash master, (ed: creep!) shouting at his circle in a most remarkable way. Looking every inch the music hall comedian (well I can see it, further wise cracks are for circles only) he berated us all to pay attention and come to order. It was a fine pack, many who remembered Herman, and in the great spirit of the Hash many friendly new(er) faces. During proceedings that sporty veteran, Anand Sharma got soaked twice. Those suede desert boots were perhaps a mistake on the Hash, although perhaps fitting, as I believe that on Herman's FIRST run Willem Gulcher and Roger took Herman in his street shoes. I bet he got a down-down. Despite his bark, our present HM seems quite relaxed, many others would have called many more offences I'm sure! The absence of the Religious Adviser may be a factor in this. As it was, yours truly got off fairly lightly also, although I was in a deep state of refreshment by the end of things it must be said, after a fair few down-downs, and the Hash Shit, which was kindly given to me to look after for the week, and pull me back next week to bid for it again. By that stage in the proceedings I had lost any ability to make sense, and I mercifully just shut up and drank. In the spirit of the Hash, I took the Hash Shit with, and for, our old friend Herman. ON-ON MAN!

It was wonderful to see Sudesna and Sarban and Danny. I think they enjoyed the event, I guess that all those who knew Herman could have said a great deal about him, and gone on long into the night, but the circle was spared that and our GM summed up what a great fellow Herman was, how tragic he left us so early and how much we all miss him. The gentrification of the Hash was completed with delicious snacks provided from the hotel by the Grimmincks. Upmarket or what these days?

I know that a lot of our absent Hash Brotherhood were on the run in Spirit last Saturday, and that we all remember Herman with the greatest fondness, and all look forward to keeping in touch with, and seeing, Sudesna, Sarban and Danny. In the true tradition of their dad, both Danny and Sarban are figures to watch on the music scene. Sarban is working on a great fusion of classical style and processed guitar sounds. It's wild! For those of us lucky enough to be in attendance it was a real joy to catch up with them again.


Get lost in music!

The Tourist

Get lost in music!

The Tourist